Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Multitude Monday (now regularly appearing on Tuesday?)...#51-60

Thankful for:

51.  A pediatrician who always listens, who never thinks we're crazy for asking a million questions or having "minor" concerns, and who has a terrific sense of humor.  We love you, Dr. Estes.
52.  A husband who stays up late to watch Project Runway with me.  Even though he'd probably rather watch a hundred other things, he loves me enough to watch *and* participate:  "I don't know anything about fashion but surely that's ugly?!?"  He is rarely a fish out of water in any context, so when he is, it's just...endearing.
53.  When Will says "hug" and squeezes my neck super-tight with his little arms.  I love being special to him.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something right!
54.  Our next-door neighbors Lynn and Samantha and their daughter Marlee.  They are the *perfect* neighbors.  Celebrating our kids' birthdays, watching fireworks, having play dates together -- they have added so much to our (pretty lonely) lives here in east Tennessee.  Sam and I are having our first ever post-bedtime-for-the-babies movie date night on Thursday and I'm so excited!  Sam, we're getting out of the house!!!
55.  The fact that Lucy resembles both of her grandmothers.  I love looking at her and seeing my mom's eyes, and it blesses Marty so much to see a version of his mama's face and smile again.
56.  Pizza night!
57.  A general cooling-off temperature-wise in our town.  A harbinger of autumn?  (I have a feeling summer isn't quite through with us, though...)
58.  A long weekend coming up with no plans as of yet.  It feels delicious knowing we can fill it up however we want!
59.  A new arrangement of furniture in the house that makes my sweet little condo even cozier than before (didn't think it was possible).  Even though we want to be elsewhere geographically, I will weep buckets when I have to leave this place.
60.  My best friend.  For over 13(?) years, we have rarely been out of daily email contact.  Even if it's just "so busy today, talk tomorrow!" kind of messages, I know I'm always on her radar, and she knows she's always on mine. 


Kate said...

Wait, do you mean me?? (How embarrassing if you don't.) It can't have been 13 years? Seriously, 13 years ago I was barely out of knee socks, let alone email. :)
Oh, the good ol' days: me writing from the PRTS basement, you writing Dummies books. Funny thing, life... It's been fun having you "there" to share it with!

Becky said...

It was the Campfire days that actually started it all! I mean, even *before* PRTS@HNRC (which I still remember, you see), and that was so many moons ago I feel ancient just thinking about it. I know, it doesn't seem possible that it's been 13 years, but it has. I wish I could dig up an email from that long ago but that was...at least 5 or 6 email addresses ago? Funny, you never think about keeping little old emails, yet they are the stuff of life, aren't they? We can be confident, however, that I was just as brilliant and witty back then.