Friday, August 12, 2011

In just 2 years...

July 2009

July 2010

July 2011
...a sweet, precious, 8-pound bundle who swims in newborn-sized clothing is suddenly "riding" a tricycle (still learning what to do with those pedals) and asking for hot dogs and making friends at the mall play-yard.  Thank God he still lets me rock him, and who knows when I'll be ready to take that pacifier away from him.  To me, motherhood is having the courage to face a little bit of daily heartbreak, watching your babies grow up faster than you would ever allow.

Birthday pictures to be posted this weekend!

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Marty said...

I'm so glad that you posted pictures from each of Will's Julys! (I think that's the plural of July?) What a great way to compare and see how much that baby boy has grown! I love it sweetheart! I can't stand being away from all of my babies!!