Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I should just call it Multitude Tuesdays...#131-140

Thankful for:

131.  God's hand of protection on my sister Sarah when she was in a pretty bad car accident this past week.  For her *amazing* ability to dial her husband's number on her cell phone while semi-conscious (she couldn't speak coherently to him but a lady who'd run over to help was able to talk to Garrett and tell him what happened and where she was).  (Don't you love what this says about their connection as husband and wife?  Or is the romantic in me reading too much into it?)  Sarah is fine but has a concussion and a contusion on her left eye, so she has some recovery ahead of her...
132.  The fall festival at our church tomorrow night.  Here's the thing:  I kind of hate Halloween.  But I love celebrating the more innocent and fun aspects to it, like dressing up in costumes (just the kids!) and playing games and eating candy and bobbing for apples and noshing on loaded chili with fellow churchgoers.  We're really looking forward to it!
133.  Being Monticello-bound this weekend!  The nerd in me is doing mental cartwheels!!!
134.  I may not always love where I live, but being able to live in the mountains when the leaves turn is just a GIFT.  The vistas are simply breathtaking.  I just drive to the grocery store and I almost can't keep my eyes on the road; the autumn scenery demands to be taken in!
135.  When friends go to England and send their England-homesick friends a book on the monarchy, an advent calendar, and a wool scarf.  Apparently one of my love languages is Scottish cashmere. 
136.  Disco music.  Especially ABBA.
137.  Lifesavers.  Especially the green ones.
138.  Mexican food.  Especially enchiladas.
139.  Trips to the grocery store by myself.  Especially then.
140.  Fountain Cokes.  Especially diet.  :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Multitude Monday (tardy again)...#121-130

Thankful for:

121.  A reassuring visit to the pediatrician last week.  Although Will showed delays in speech/language and gross motor skills on the test (administered to 27-month-olds), Dr. Estes is not convinced that we're dealing with anything significant, but wants him in therapy because it won't hurt and until he's 3 years old, it's free (courtesy of the state).  I'm thankful for her covering-all-bases caution, but more thankful for her optimism that whatever we're facing shouldn't be predictive of a long-term issue.  Overall conclusion:  Kids develop at their own rates, yet they're held to a common standard.  A bit maddening, really.
122.  That my Will, "delayed" in gross motor skills, did this on Saturday:
My monkey boy!
123.  For a fun and fabulous visit from Aunt Becky and her daughter Gracie, who drove 12 hours from Long Island, NY to be with us for just a couple of days.  They hadn't yet met our babies and were instantly delighted with them.  Aunt Becky says that Lucy is *very much* like her namesake, Lucille (Becky's mom and Marty's grandma).  I think there's even quite the family resemblance going on!
Aunt Becky sharing with Lucy the secrets of authentic Southern cooking.
124.  For gorgeous weather all weekend to enjoy with our family outside:
Daddy swinging his girl.

Taking over the park!

Lovely ladies

Fun with Mama!

Will's shoes kept gripping the slide, so we took turns taking him down.  He had so much fun!
125.  For a couple of long, hot baths with Scottish Fine Soaps, a gift from Aunt Becky.  I'd consider myself a decent expert on all things for the bath, and this is some darn good stuff!
126.  Discovering a Raggedy Ann doll for Lucy, on the clearance rack for $10 (at a bookstore, of all places).
127.  A fully stocked pantry.
128.  A new book, Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner (the fourth book of hers I've bought).
129.  A little device called a Roku which enables you to view streaming movies on your TV from your Netflix account.  I'm currently indulging in "Felicity."  Oh the memories!
130.  Orchids.  Graceful, exotic, yet comforting, too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cuteness overload

Prepare yourself...I'm insanely happy about these pictures and can't recommend the photographer *enough*.  She is the ever-fabulous Angie of Simply Angie Photography and can be found on Facebook and the Internet.  I went to high school with her and she's quite easily one of the sweetest people I know, in addition to being a rock star with a camera -- she offers very competitive pricing and will work with you on venues.  (She is not paying me or asking me to advertise her, we just love her that much!) 

And without further ado, here are 2-year pix of Will and 1-year pix of Lucy (taken in August, and shown here in no particular order):

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On my mind, Installment #3

I love the chance to brain-dump the hodge-podge I have going on up here...

  1. Skull prints on children's clothes...someone help me with this one?
  2. I've seen Christians persecuted in various places online recently and it's really got my boilers steaming.  I would just like to state the following:  If a Christian behaves badly, it's not because that person is a Christian.  It's because that person is an idiot.  Or choosing to behave like one.  If you have a bad experience with an apple, it doesn't make all apples bad.  This is *simple* logic.  Look, every tribe, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, political party, age group, and (of course) village has an idiot.  I personally wish we Christians could go lock up our own idiots (I'm looking at you, Pat Robertson), but just because we have them doesn't make us an idiotic lot, or worthy of passive-agressive online beatings.  Okay?
  3. Another thing that's got my whistles humming (I'm full of them today) -- why is it when a mother cares for her children, she's simply doing what's expected of her, but when a father cares for his children, he's "babysitting"???  I just read this phrasing on the blog of a girl who I really respect, and I'm afraid she just fell a notch.  This antiquated perspective has got. to. go.
The rant portion of this post is now over.  Beginning the more pleasant portion:
  1. Would a kind friend please inform my husband that all I want for Christmas is an online shopping spree to Anthropologie?  Golly Moses, I want this pretty badly.  It's on sale and it's so flipping gorgeous.  And these?  They KILL me, they're so awesome, and so very *me*.  And they're $19.95, kids.  Seriously.  And this dress?  Yes, were I to own this dress, I'd pair it with a wide red belt and crazy-sexy red kitten heels.  And never need another "little black dress."  Do you hear me, Marty?  :)
  2. Marty and I have an angel.  I can't give any identifying information, just in case, but suffice to say that there's a person who loves to give us things, and this person has absolutely no familial/personal obligations to do so.  This person is constantly dropping good things, from shockingly big to heartwarmingly small, into our laps.  I say all this to share that one day, I earnestly hope and desire to be an angel to someone else.  We are simply not in the financial state to be this for anyone right now, but it's something I would very much enjoy doing in the future when we have means.  I also hope to be able to adequately express to this person some day how grateful we are.
Well, I think that's it!  It's a rainy, dreary day here in Tennessee, so I'm off to enjoy the rest of naptime cuddled in a quilt with a cup of cocoa and streaming Netflix.  Hope everyone has a good day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Multitude Monday...#111-120

Thankful for:

111.  Nearly 8 hours of *uninterrupted* sleep.  Both babies were extra-resistant to bedtime last night for some reason, but when they finally went down, they were out for the night.  I function infinitely better when I get some real rest!'
112.  Freddie the frog -- this guy who always helps soothe my kids to sleep, even when they don't want to.  I think this is what I'm giving at the next baby shower I go to!
113.  A doctor's appointment this week to discuss strategies for aiding Will's speech/language development, but ongoing improvement happening anyway -- I have to say, things were easier before Will could ask for "eye ceam" (ice cream) for breakfast!
114.  The first of our "fall company" arriving on Thursday.  (And yes, for those following along at home, The Great MEGA-Clean of Autumn 2011 is nearing completion, yeah!!!)
115.  Meeting lovely people --  making new friends? -- at church yesterday.
116.  The smell (and taste!) of fresh homemade banana bread.  I'm going to have another piece as soon as I post this.
117.  A friend who told me that she has determined to never let anyone steal her joy -- and the fact that she clearly LIVES this principle and succeeds.  I've been truly inspired by this and I've felt a shift in my outlook/reaction when challenged by things (or people) who wish to drag me down.  Thank you, Jen!
118.  Absolutely no issues arising from transitioning Will to a big boy bed.  Probably should have done it a few months ago, he was so ready...
119.  Having a chance to sit next to my beloved in church, listening to his strong voice singing, listening to a great sermon with my arm linked through his, hearing his whispered insights on the message.  Worship is abundantly more meaningful when shared with your spouse.  It's only fitting that soulmates should nourish their souls together.
120.  Lucy's exuberance in the mornings.  I'm the furthest thing from a morning person you'd ever find, but her smiles and giggles cheer me up (and remind me so much of her Daddy, who is often out the door before I get to see him in the mornings).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Big boy bed

The big boy bed (excuse the lack of a bedskirt -- forgot to pick one up!)


We transitioned Will into a big boy bed last night, and it could not have gone more smoothly.  He hasn't been sleeping well in his crib and we noticed that if he had room to stretch out, like in our bed, he slept far more soundly and for much longer.  And the light bulb went off!  We didn't get him down until 10 last night because it took awhile to assemble everything and then Will was just a little hyper with excitement about everything...but then he didn't move a muscle/make a sound until 7 this morning when he stirred just a bit and Marty re-settled him, and *then* he kept sleeping until after 10:00 -- so late that I finally just had to go in and wake him up at 10:15 because I didn't want him sleeping until noon!!!

I think the big boy bed is a big boy SUCCESS!  Hooray!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Daybook

Outside:  is a state that can't make up its mind about autumn.  Are we there yet?  Because we all wore shorts and tees out to dinner and shopping last night...

Thinking: (again) about signing off of Facebook for a long "time-out" (my cousin used that term with me the other night for being away from Facebook and I'm stealing it) or until I can deal with its ugly side.  There's drama, none of which I (intentionally) create but some of which I can't help but be sucked into, and there's isolation, even in the midst of hundreds of "friends," because a lot of people don't bother to respond when you put something "out there."  And I don't get that.  Being on Facebook just to silently observe others is kinda...weird to me.  It's like being on the playground and sitting on a bench, watching the other kids play but not participating.  And if one of the kids falls off the monkey bars, not saying (or doing) anything.  Or if one of the kids finds joy in swinging super-high, not saying anything.  That is not to say that you have to "like" or comment on every last little thing, but you know, chiming in here or there is really the point, isn't it?  Otherwise, why have an account?  Perhaps I totally misunderstand the purpose of the social network but for right now, regardless, it's not working for me.

Thankful:  For royal-blue skies in October.  For finding new items of food that Will voluntarily eats, even if they're just cinnamon-graham crackers in the shape of cars.  For Lucy's growing confidence in taking several steps at a time.  For my husband, who can tell my mood and what kind of morning I've had by merely glancing at my face.  For this video that I watched yesterday, then posted on Facebook, then emailed to friends, then watched again last night with Marty.  Be looking for a blog post on it, coming soon; it has profoundly affected me and my understanding of myself and life in general and I can't wait to discuss it here!

From the kitchen:  Chicken Caesar salad tonight, Sirloin tips over rice tomorrow.  Haven't shopped for or thought of meals beyond then...

Going:  back to storytime at the library tomorrow, despite previous visits with questionable success.  I'm having a hard time helping Will to sit still, stay out of the personal space of others, leave the teacher's visual aids alone, and pay attention to the book being read.  I always leave sweaty and disheveled, pushing a stroller and holding shoes that have been kicked off and trying to discipline Will to "STAY WITH MOMMY."  I feel like I'm the object of much staring as we make our grand exit and for all the effort I put forth, I'm not sure it's worth it?

Reading: Still Jane Eyre's Husband on my Kindle for the PC.  I'd read a review in which the reader said that Rochester was really "sexed up" in this book and now I see what she means.  Er, it's pretty hot and steamy, and not necessarily in good ways.  Truly a bit much.  But now I'm so enmeshed in the story I can't see myself putting it down.  Sadly, I'm just not enjoying it as much as I'd hoped.  However, Rochester hasn't met Jane yet so there may be a turning point...

Shopping: For a good deal on a twin set of mattresses.  Last night, we all went to Target and we filled a cart with items for Will's big boy bed -- holy cow, the cost!  We spent about $80 on a waterproof mattress pad, pillow, sheets, and toddler rail (okay, we threw in some red curtain panels, but they just *go* with his bedding!).  And that's BEFORE spending money on the actual bed.  Kids are expensive.  If you didn't know.

Hoping:  To get most of the rest of The Great MEGA-Clean of Autumn 2011 finished this weekend.  We simply have to -- the first set of company arrives next weekend!

Hearing:  Silence.  Nothing.  It's blessed naptime!

A favorite thing:  Fiber One 80-calorie cereal.  It actually tastes good and I need to cut back on some of my, er, intake.  Okay, yes, I need to go on a diet.  And exercise regimen.  I need some new cold-weather clothes and I'm just *NOT* going to buy them in my current size.  If I did so, I would feel hateful and bitter every time I went into my closet.  So, no.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Multitude Monday...#101-110

Thankful for:

101.  New fuzzy slippers that look like gray sweaters lined with faux fur.  Thank you, Target.
102.  The quietness of my house during naptime.  Mommy gets to think, read, pray, doze.  (On the advice of other moms, I *try* not to do very many chores during this time and intentionally use it to recharge.)
103.  Teri, the lovely lady in charge of the nursery at our church.  The way she greets Will and Lucy on Sunday mornings, the way she involves me in decisions about their church experience, the way she is so devoted to the safety procedures (even gently scolding me for [accidentally] not following procedure) -- it all adds up to reassured parents who are free to worship without worry.
104.  The fact that Will is phrasing!  Still not a lot, and still no more than 2-word phrases ("Daddy -- ball" and "Baby -- night-night"), but there's no question that he's crossed that milestone.  Hurrah!!!
105.  Packages from Indiana containing church dresses for Lucy and blueberry jam for Will. 
106.  The anticipation of going to...dum-dum-dum -- Monticello!!!  In light of my recent Thomas Jefferson kick and in honor of my parents' 37th wedding anniversary (they honeymooned in Virginia), we are headed to Monticello when my parents come for a visit at the beginning of November.  I am so pleased at how kid-friendly Monticello is; you can rent strollers from them for use in the house and grounds so you don't have to tote your babies on a walking tour.  Yeah!
107.  Hand-written recipes from a dear friend and her mom, given to me probably a decade ago now.  I've pulled one out for tonight and every time I see that handwriting, it reminds me of the thoughtfulness of the time spent on my behalf.  Definitely a gift that keeps on giving...
108.  A toy sale on Barnes & Noble (online) last week and free shipping; I now have an item for each of my kids for Christmas and we're barely into October.  Shopping has begun!
109.  The fact that the "Arrested Development" gang has announced a movie/new season.  Funniest. show. ever.  (Tip:  Rent the DVDs and watch them *in order*; the show builds on itself and episodes do not really stand on their own.)
110.  Butterfinger blizzards.