Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Multitude Monday (tardy again)...#121-130

Thankful for:

121.  A reassuring visit to the pediatrician last week.  Although Will showed delays in speech/language and gross motor skills on the test (administered to 27-month-olds), Dr. Estes is not convinced that we're dealing with anything significant, but wants him in therapy because it won't hurt and until he's 3 years old, it's free (courtesy of the state).  I'm thankful for her covering-all-bases caution, but more thankful for her optimism that whatever we're facing shouldn't be predictive of a long-term issue.  Overall conclusion:  Kids develop at their own rates, yet they're held to a common standard.  A bit maddening, really.
122.  That my Will, "delayed" in gross motor skills, did this on Saturday:
My monkey boy!
123.  For a fun and fabulous visit from Aunt Becky and her daughter Gracie, who drove 12 hours from Long Island, NY to be with us for just a couple of days.  They hadn't yet met our babies and were instantly delighted with them.  Aunt Becky says that Lucy is *very much* like her namesake, Lucille (Becky's mom and Marty's grandma).  I think there's even quite the family resemblance going on!
Aunt Becky sharing with Lucy the secrets of authentic Southern cooking.
124.  For gorgeous weather all weekend to enjoy with our family outside:
Daddy swinging his girl.

Taking over the park!

Lovely ladies

Fun with Mama!

Will's shoes kept gripping the slide, so we took turns taking him down.  He had so much fun!
125.  For a couple of long, hot baths with Scottish Fine Soaps, a gift from Aunt Becky.  I'd consider myself a decent expert on all things for the bath, and this is some darn good stuff!
126.  Discovering a Raggedy Ann doll for Lucy, on the clearance rack for $10 (at a bookstore, of all places).
127.  A fully stocked pantry.
128.  A new book, Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner (the fourth book of hers I've bought).
129.  A little device called a Roku which enables you to view streaming movies on your TV from your Netflix account.  I'm currently indulging in "Felicity."  Oh the memories!
130.  Orchids.  Graceful, exotic, yet comforting, too.


Kara said...

The Early On program is wonderful and many, many "typical" children benefit from a little therapy in speech, pt, etc. Will looks absolutely wonderful; I think you're right about taking advantage of the therapy but not being overly anxious.

Becky said...

Thank you, Kara. Just today Will strung together 4 words and I thought, am I crazy for wanting him in therapy? But even if his delay is teeny-tiny, he will benefit. It *never* hurts. And even though the paperwork and insurance stuff can be overwhelming, the therapists are super nice and I'm so excited to get started (we're still in the "approval" stage). Love to hear from you!!!

Kristen said...

Just now got to see this post - told you I've been slow online lately. Pictures of Will just make me grin. I mean, both kids are dolls, but there's something just infectious about his grin :) Nothing better than an anticipated visit from family and a fabulous day at the park.

A little jealous that we can't be there so we could chase our littles together. Sigh. Miss you!

Anne said...

Love your lists! And I'm currently flashing back to Felicity via Apple TV (and Netflix) - what happy memories. How odd to remember a (recent) time when people weren't glued to their cell phones!