Monday, October 3, 2011

Multitude Monday...#101-110

Thankful for:

101.  New fuzzy slippers that look like gray sweaters lined with faux fur.  Thank you, Target.
102.  The quietness of my house during naptime.  Mommy gets to think, read, pray, doze.  (On the advice of other moms, I *try* not to do very many chores during this time and intentionally use it to recharge.)
103.  Teri, the lovely lady in charge of the nursery at our church.  The way she greets Will and Lucy on Sunday mornings, the way she involves me in decisions about their church experience, the way she is so devoted to the safety procedures (even gently scolding me for [accidentally] not following procedure) -- it all adds up to reassured parents who are free to worship without worry.
104.  The fact that Will is phrasing!  Still not a lot, and still no more than 2-word phrases ("Daddy -- ball" and "Baby -- night-night"), but there's no question that he's crossed that milestone.  Hurrah!!!
105.  Packages from Indiana containing church dresses for Lucy and blueberry jam for Will. 
106.  The anticipation of going to...dum-dum-dum -- Monticello!!!  In light of my recent Thomas Jefferson kick and in honor of my parents' 37th wedding anniversary (they honeymooned in Virginia), we are headed to Monticello when my parents come for a visit at the beginning of November.  I am so pleased at how kid-friendly Monticello is; you can rent strollers from them for use in the house and grounds so you don't have to tote your babies on a walking tour.  Yeah!
107.  Hand-written recipes from a dear friend and her mom, given to me probably a decade ago now.  I've pulled one out for tonight and every time I see that handwriting, it reminds me of the thoughtfulness of the time spent on my behalf.  Definitely a gift that keeps on giving...
108.  A toy sale on Barnes & Noble (online) last week and free shipping; I now have an item for each of my kids for Christmas and we're barely into October.  Shopping has begun!
109.  The fact that the "Arrested Development" gang has announced a movie/new season.  Funniest. show. ever.  (Tip:  Rent the DVDs and watch them *in order*; the show builds on itself and episodes do not really stand on their own.)
110.  Butterfinger blizzards.


Kate said...

What recipe are you using tonight? I always laugh at how small and precise my mother's handwriting is; one water spot on it and you can miss an entire step of the recipe!
And I'm jealous of your Monticello visit. Dan & I have wanted to go there for ages.

Becky said...

Tuna Noodle Casserole! I wanted to go cheap and easy tonight since I've yet to do the big grocery store run for the week, and I had every ingredient but one (and Marty's stopping at Kroger on the way home for that). Yes, it's small and precise but dear -- very dear. I heart your mama.
This will actually be my second trip to Monticello, and my parents' third trip, but Marty's first. Peruse the website and tell me if you'd like me to grab you something while we're there? I know they have locally grown wines, seed packets (babies from TJ's own plants), that kind of thing...

Anonymous said...

What?! Another season of Arrested Development! Can I just say that I am totally stoked! I have to get Christopher to watch the show. I am all the time making references to things from the show that are really funny, and he doesn't get them. I mean, who doesn't love the stair car? Or the video of George-Michael with the light saber? Or "For British eyes only"? Love it, love, love it! Maybe we can get him hooked at Thanksgiving. :) -Katie