Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On my mind, Installment #3

I love the chance to brain-dump the hodge-podge I have going on up here...

  1. Skull prints on children's clothes...someone help me with this one?
  2. I've seen Christians persecuted in various places online recently and it's really got my boilers steaming.  I would just like to state the following:  If a Christian behaves badly, it's not because that person is a Christian.  It's because that person is an idiot.  Or choosing to behave like one.  If you have a bad experience with an apple, it doesn't make all apples bad.  This is *simple* logic.  Look, every tribe, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, political party, age group, and (of course) village has an idiot.  I personally wish we Christians could go lock up our own idiots (I'm looking at you, Pat Robertson), but just because we have them doesn't make us an idiotic lot, or worthy of passive-agressive online beatings.  Okay?
  3. Another thing that's got my whistles humming (I'm full of them today) -- why is it when a mother cares for her children, she's simply doing what's expected of her, but when a father cares for his children, he's "babysitting"???  I just read this phrasing on the blog of a girl who I really respect, and I'm afraid she just fell a notch.  This antiquated perspective has got. to. go.
The rant portion of this post is now over.  Beginning the more pleasant portion:
  1. Would a kind friend please inform my husband that all I want for Christmas is an online shopping spree to Anthropologie?  Golly Moses, I want this pretty badly.  It's on sale and it's so flipping gorgeous.  And these?  They KILL me, they're so awesome, and so very *me*.  And they're $19.95, kids.  Seriously.  And this dress?  Yes, were I to own this dress, I'd pair it with a wide red belt and crazy-sexy red kitten heels.  And never need another "little black dress."  Do you hear me, Marty?  :)
  2. Marty and I have an angel.  I can't give any identifying information, just in case, but suffice to say that there's a person who loves to give us things, and this person has absolutely no familial/personal obligations to do so.  This person is constantly dropping good things, from shockingly big to heartwarmingly small, into our laps.  I say all this to share that one day, I earnestly hope and desire to be an angel to someone else.  We are simply not in the financial state to be this for anyone right now, but it's something I would very much enjoy doing in the future when we have means.  I also hope to be able to adequately express to this person some day how grateful we are.
Well, I think that's it!  It's a rainy, dreary day here in Tennessee, so I'm off to enjoy the rest of naptime cuddled in a quilt with a cup of cocoa and streaming Netflix.  Hope everyone has a good day!


Kate said...

It may have been me that fell a notch! I think I sometimes use the word "babysitting" in reference to Dan...but not because any thought went into it, just because it comes to mind more quickly than "parenting." I bet a lot of people don't really think about it and it just comes out that way....
I've had a crush on Anthropologie since the days when my brother lived near the store in Chicago. I would spend at least an hour in there, just hanging out, looking. Such beautiful things.

Becky said...

No, dearest, it wasn't you. (In fact, if it had been you, I would have emailed you to say, Stop calling it that!) Who knows why certain things grind our gears -- but that is one of mine.
I keep hoping to buy some cute things at Anthro and it keeps not happening (things like big boy beds really wreak havoc with a budget!). So I have yet to purchase/own anything from there. Hmm, you're a kind friend -- do you mind dropping Marty a note on my behalf? :)

~Ellen~ said...

I was prepared to do the kind friend thing...;) I did it last year too if I remember correctly. Love and miss you...and always love reading your posts! ~E

Becky said...

Dearest Ellen, PLEASE go ahead -- the more kind friends offering sage shopping advice to my hubby, the better!!! I might just get that Anthro shopping spree!
I love to know that you're reading. I love you and miss you like crazy -- and I'm gonna out you here in the comments...you've been an Angel to me before and I will never, EVER forget your kindness. I think you bought me Starbucks every. single. day. Now if that isn't angelic...? :)

~Ellen~ said...

Darling...I read every single post you put on this thing...usually within and hour of you posting. I just don't always have the opportunity to comment because I read them on my cell phone at work and the captcha thingy gets funky on my phone sometimes. I love and miss you like crazy too - and soon enough we'll get to hang again. Just adjusting the chaos that is my life right now. The Starbucks thing is funny because I've actually considered trying to figure out how to get Starbucks delivered to you there...but clearly I haven't figured it out yet. lol Thank you so much for your kind words. But you too have been an Angel in my life - you've been there for me to set me straight or just to listen when no one else wanted to be...also very much unforgettable.