Monday, October 10, 2011

Multitude Monday...#111-120

Thankful for:

111.  Nearly 8 hours of *uninterrupted* sleep.  Both babies were extra-resistant to bedtime last night for some reason, but when they finally went down, they were out for the night.  I function infinitely better when I get some real rest!'
112.  Freddie the frog -- this guy who always helps soothe my kids to sleep, even when they don't want to.  I think this is what I'm giving at the next baby shower I go to!
113.  A doctor's appointment this week to discuss strategies for aiding Will's speech/language development, but ongoing improvement happening anyway -- I have to say, things were easier before Will could ask for "eye ceam" (ice cream) for breakfast!
114.  The first of our "fall company" arriving on Thursday.  (And yes, for those following along at home, The Great MEGA-Clean of Autumn 2011 is nearing completion, yeah!!!)
115.  Meeting lovely people --  making new friends? -- at church yesterday.
116.  The smell (and taste!) of fresh homemade banana bread.  I'm going to have another piece as soon as I post this.
117.  A friend who told me that she has determined to never let anyone steal her joy -- and the fact that she clearly LIVES this principle and succeeds.  I've been truly inspired by this and I've felt a shift in my outlook/reaction when challenged by things (or people) who wish to drag me down.  Thank you, Jen!
118.  Absolutely no issues arising from transitioning Will to a big boy bed.  Probably should have done it a few months ago, he was so ready...
119.  Having a chance to sit next to my beloved in church, listening to his strong voice singing, listening to a great sermon with my arm linked through his, hearing his whispered insights on the message.  Worship is abundantly more meaningful when shared with your spouse.  It's only fitting that soulmates should nourish their souls together.
120.  Lucy's exuberance in the mornings.  I'm the furthest thing from a morning person you'd ever find, but her smiles and giggles cheer me up (and remind me so much of her Daddy, who is often out the door before I get to see him in the mornings).


Marty said...

Baby - thank you so much for your "Thoughts of the Day" entries! I love to see what you're thinking about, and those thoughts are always so sweet and profound! I love the journal aspect especially - your posts will be something fun for us to review years from now! Thank you also for being such an amazing wife to me! I love what you had to say about us in church! I love you!

Kristen said...

Okay, that's it. I was going to post something about loving these posts and then I halted to a screeching stop by the sweetest of all declarations of love right there. Be still, my heart! Marty is certainly all I ever hoped/prayed would come to you in life, my dear friend. That is all.

Becky said...

Kristen: You see why I loved him before I'd ever even clapped eyes on him? That's the beauty of eHarmony. We wrote letters and he wooed me and won me with his turn of phrase and mastery of the written word. Yup, I adore him. :)