Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I should just call it Multitude Tuesdays...#131-140

Thankful for:

131.  God's hand of protection on my sister Sarah when she was in a pretty bad car accident this past week.  For her *amazing* ability to dial her husband's number on her cell phone while semi-conscious (she couldn't speak coherently to him but a lady who'd run over to help was able to talk to Garrett and tell him what happened and where she was).  (Don't you love what this says about their connection as husband and wife?  Or is the romantic in me reading too much into it?)  Sarah is fine but has a concussion and a contusion on her left eye, so she has some recovery ahead of her...
132.  The fall festival at our church tomorrow night.  Here's the thing:  I kind of hate Halloween.  But I love celebrating the more innocent and fun aspects to it, like dressing up in costumes (just the kids!) and playing games and eating candy and bobbing for apples and noshing on loaded chili with fellow churchgoers.  We're really looking forward to it!
133.  Being Monticello-bound this weekend!  The nerd in me is doing mental cartwheels!!!
134.  I may not always love where I live, but being able to live in the mountains when the leaves turn is just a GIFT.  The vistas are simply breathtaking.  I just drive to the grocery store and I almost can't keep my eyes on the road; the autumn scenery demands to be taken in!
135.  When friends go to England and send their England-homesick friends a book on the monarchy, an advent calendar, and a wool scarf.  Apparently one of my love languages is Scottish cashmere. 
136.  Disco music.  Especially ABBA.
137.  Lifesavers.  Especially the green ones.
138.  Mexican food.  Especially enchiladas.
139.  Trips to the grocery store by myself.  Especially then.
140.  Fountain Cokes.  Especially diet.  :)

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Kristen said...

Fall in the mountains. I've experienced it only once and I can still imagine it. I especially like the mornings when the mist is rising off the water into the fading trees. Ah.

Rejoicing with you in Sarah's safety. Relating to your hate for Halloween, but love for the fun of dressing up the kiddos. Wishing we could get together for Mexican with Diet Cokes and green lifesaver chasers :)