Meet My Kids

William Champion
Our precious boy, our "Puppy," just turned 2 years old this month.  Cars are the love of his life and he will spend hours zooming his Matchbox and Hot Wheels friends around on floors, tables, and any hard surface he can find that's above and away from his little sister's grabby hands.  He also loves to color; I love seeing him get lost in the creative process -- his look is very far away and dreamy.  Will is very into the alphabet and likes to identify letters anywhere he can; he's also working hard on counting and the words that come out are too cute:  one, doo, free, pour, pive.  I will weep when the words reach their ultimate sophistication and he's shed the baby versions!  Like any kid, he loves cartoons, especially the Nick Jr. characters.  We joke that Dora and Kai-Lan are his girlfriends because he gets a certain twinkle in his eye when they're on!  He also loves the Read-and-Share Bible series and (I think it's genetic because his daddy is such a fan) Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes.  I'm constantly trying to expand his food palette but he can be quite stubborn, sticking to cheese and Teddy Grahams and anything with strawberry jam, ketchup, or ranch on top!  However, I've seen the kid put down a chocolate chip cookie in favor of peas (they're "balls" don't you know), so there's hope yet!  So far, our William is a cautious, careful fellow, preferring to observe for a long while before copying or participating.  I like this about him and I think this personality trait will serve him well in life.  He's also just the biggest sweetheart and loves to give kisses and hugs or hang out in your lap for a cuddle.

Lucy Elizabeth
Our pretty girl, our "Lu-Lu," is just a few days away from her first birthday!  What a year it has been... Lucy had a rough start to life and needed a brief stay in the NICU (her mommy had to have a shot of Valium in order to let her go!).  In her first few months she was colicky and a terrible sleeper but oh, how she has progressed since then!  Every day it's like she blooms a little more into the sweet-and-sassy love that we enjoy so much.  She absolutely adores her big brother and God help her, can't seem to leave him alone.  She is an intense personality; she will pull (hard!) on your ears or nose or lips or hair in order to bring you closer so she can look in your eyes and love on you.  Lucy is pulling up and cruising along anything and everything and often has more determination than skill, so she's had to endure her share of spills and bumps, and oh my stars, she can be quite dramatic about it all (I have no idea the origin of this trait).  Lucy is eating three square meals a day with bottles only book-ending her days (morning and bedtime), so we're close to weaning her.  She hates green veggies but loves bananas!  And best of all, Lucy has become a champion sleeper; she will usually sleep for 12 hours a night with one long nap during the day.  We are definitely raising a true Southern belle; our Lucy knows how to bat an eyelash and turn on the charm!

(pictures by Angie of Simply Angie Photography; she is AMAZING!)