Monday, June 11, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays...#351-360

Thankful for:

351.  Sitting with my husband on the deck last night, in the gathering dusk, simply enjoying the mountain breezes and each other's company, fingers lightly entwined.
352.  A new strategy for the babies' bedtime, that seems to be working for at least one of our children and most definitely for us.
353.  Getting more items marked off my to-do list; nearly caught up with the yearly Shutterfly albums I create for the kiddos.
354.  Birdsong.  What would I do without my doves, cardinals, finches, and starlings?
355.  The way Will says certain words and phrases..."Oh look, a-hind you, a-hind you!"...looking for Daddy when he's away at work, "Oh no, he missing."
356.  That Lucy counted to 10 this weekend!
357.  "Murder, She Wrote."  I can't even describe the comfort I've garnered from watching this show on Netflix.  Reminds me of my grandparents and the time I spent with them growing up.  (And wouldn't it be lovely if problems could be buttoned up so easily at the end of 60 minutes?)
358.  Slowly emerging from an illness, feeling like I'm escaping a really bad dream.
359.  A husband who, though sharing with me a daily dedication to healthy eating, still thinks it's important to at least have some BBQ chips and peanut butter Snickers in the house on weekends.  You do have to *live* now and then.
360.  A hair appointment coming up on Saturday.  Feeling blonde-ish...