Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays...#331-340

Thankful for:

331.  A fantastic date with my favorite guy in the universe.  (Although if you're looking for a date night movie, may I recommend *against* "The Vow"?  Channing Tatum may be the worst thing Hollywood has spit out in a long time, and I think that's saying something.)

Happy-drunk to be having a night alone!
332.  A fun day-trip to Asheville with my parents.  We had a lovely brunch at the Corner Kitchen and then a wonderful time walking around in the warm spring weather, taking in the little shops and the fresh air.
333.  The special relationships my kids have with their Nana and PaPa.
Lucy and Nana, playing peek-a-boo post-waffles.

Will and PaPa, taking in the toy train at the Christmas store.

334.  The way my kids just glow with happiness while playing at the park. 

335.  The Jumping Beans brand of clothes at Kohl's, on sale for $5.99 each piece.  I just couldn't rationalize spending even $2 more per piece at Gymboree, at least for true play clothes, which is what we needed most of.  I love the clothes we got -- see above!  (I will be darkening the door of a Gymboree next month when the budget allows, though; I adore their spring lines for both genders.)
336.  These beauties for only $6.99 (are you sensing that I love to get a lot for just a little?).

Thank you, Fresh Market!
337.  Ghirardelli Ultimate Chocolate brownies.  Diet-schmiet. 
338.  Several nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep. 
339.  That Peyton has landed on his feet in Denver (just like my gut told me).  I know he is going to do great things for the city and for the Broncos...and my husband has promised me a #18 jersey in blue and orange!
340.  The way lemonade tastes after a long hiatus.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On my mind

Totally random stuff that I feel like dumping here:
  • Am I the only one alive who doesn't like the look of decorating with empty picture frames?  I swear, it's *all over* Pinterest and every last magazine.  It was kind of neat to consider at first, even though not my style, but now I'm just over it.  A little DIY art would go nicely in those empty frames, what?
  • Is there a prettier song in all the world than "Edelweiss"?  My kids have a lullabies CD that we occasionally listen to during morning playtime and this song always puts me in the sweetest frame of mind.  Plus, I always think of how touching it is when Christopher Plummer's character sings it in "Sound of Music."  (Did you take a minute to watch the clip?  Did you catch the look between the Captain and Maria at the end?  *pure movie magic, y'all*)
  • This is perhaps ridiculously premature, but I've started compiling an itinerary for a dream getaway to Paris for me and Marty.  It probably won't happen for at least another 5 years (I've hinted broadly at the need for such a trip to celebrate my 40th birthday -- and did I just admit that I'll be 40 in a scant handful of years -- OH MY STARS), but I'm going to indulge myself.  And when it comes time, I'll know exactly where I want to go and what I want to do and probably even what I want to wear.  To this end, I just signed up for a twice-weekly email newsletter from BonjourParis.com!
  • Will's hair curls just at his temples and forehead, a la Napoleon or Julius Caesar.  It's one of my favorite things to look at every day.
  • I'm still upset about Peyton Manning.  I've rained down curses on Jim Irsay's head for doing this to Peyton, to Indiana, and yes, frankly, to ME.  Didn't know I was a crazy Colts fan?  I didn't either.  At least, I always knew I was a big fan but apparently I feel these things pretty deeply (I cried watching the press conference).  Came as a shock to me, too!  Anyhoo, I've got a gut feeling he's going to Denver, although Marty's gut is leaning toward Tennessee.  If the former, he and my boy Tebow could be partners in crime, and Tim could learn a few things from pretty much the greatest quarterback ever, and by the time Peyton retires, Tebow would be the ultimate QB threat.  Love that scenario.  If the latter, well, Peyton would be in Tennessee and just a hop, skip, and a jump from where we are.  And maybe we could go see him play, although tickets would probably go from pretty accessible to pretty impossible...
I have much more rattling around in my noggin but my parents are arriving tonight and I've a jillion and a half house chores yet to do.  Happy Hump Day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays...#321-330

(I'm going to make this short and sweet...I'm working on a couple of big posts right now!)

Thankful for:

321.  Short hair. 
322.  Sweet potatoes.  (And recipes calling for smashing them up with organic maple syrup and chopped pecans...yum!)
323.  Success in weight loss efforts for my love.  (As of this morning, Marty has dropped 33 pounds from his heaviest weight, and 24 pounds from his doctor appointment on January 17th, which was not quite 2 months ago.  Holy smokes, I'm so proud of him.)
324.  Lucy eating nearly all table food now.  (Did you hear that?  That was the sound of our checking account *gaining* a little weight...)
325.  My parents arriving day after tomorrow!  Woot!!!
326.  The date to Carrabba's that Marty and I already have planned for Friday.  I'm going to wear a dress, and lipstick, and perfume, and heels, and I'll have a glass of wine, and I won't have to cook, and I won't have to constantly monitor two small human beings and OH MY STARS, I can't wait for DATE NIGHT!
327.  The shopping trip I'm already planning with my parents (Mom, are you feeling Asheville???).
328.  Having the windows open today, hearing the birds singing, and having Will enjoy it as much as me ("He tweet-tweet, Mama!  He tweet-tweet!").
329.  Making a new friend (of a friend, and on Facebook of all places) who sent me a recipe for peanut-butter banana muffins that are vegan and totally healthy.  I can't wait for my bananas to brown and spot a little!
330.  Instantly available BBC productions on Netflix.  When you need a little England, there she is, right at your fingertips.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thought for the day

"The Cup of Tea," Mary Cassatt, 1879
(Image from here)
"We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be."
Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays (again on a Tuesday)...#311-320

Thankful for:

311.  A clean, organized playroom for the babes.  We moved Lucy's crib into Will's room; we also moved the guest bed to the loft area (deemed unsafe for baby play after Lucy almost got through the banister rails...still can hardly talk about the scare she gave me that day) and cleaned out the closet for extra toy storage, too.  We hope it is now Play Heaven.  (I'm thinking of getting some yellow curtains and doing some DIY art for the walls...should be very Pinteresting, ha!)

From the doorway.  It only looks like this during naptime and overnight.  :)

Lucy's corner.  Yes, my daughter has THREE tea sets for her tea table (no more tea sets, Nana!), a cupcake kitchen (thank you, Aunt Sarah!), and a buggy/grocery cart.  I want to get her more baby doll accessories like a crib and a highchair but there's time for that.  And no room at the moment!

Will's corner.  The train table was the best purchase we ever made...it gets hours upon hours of love.
312.  A husband who takes care of me (and the kids) when I don't feel well. 
313.  Spontaneous IM conversations with friends, and friends who still believe in very long emails with multiple paragraphs, with lots of telling stories and asking questions.  I love sitting down to an email with a cup of coffee.
314.  Being already a week into March.  C'mon, spring.
315.  I think I must say this every week, but it deserves a weekly mention:  Will's excellent progress with his speech.  Every day now I hear, "What dat, Mama?"  He wants to know about *everything*. 
316.  The chance to write an article (place comment if you'd like a link) for an online mom's magazine.  Writing is just good for my soul.
317.  Lavender soap.
318.  Coupons for Gymboree.
319.  An upcoming visit from my parents, which means lots of lovin' for my kids, good food and conversations, and of course, DATE NIGHT. 
320.  The sometimes-tough but invaluable and ongoing lesson of how to stretch a dollar.  We've learned how to get 4-5 meals out of a package of chicken!