Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays (again on a Tuesday)...#311-320

Thankful for:

311.  A clean, organized playroom for the babes.  We moved Lucy's crib into Will's room; we also moved the guest bed to the loft area (deemed unsafe for baby play after Lucy almost got through the banister rails...still can hardly talk about the scare she gave me that day) and cleaned out the closet for extra toy storage, too.  We hope it is now Play Heaven.  (I'm thinking of getting some yellow curtains and doing some DIY art for the walls...should be very Pinteresting, ha!)

From the doorway.  It only looks like this during naptime and overnight.  :)

Lucy's corner.  Yes, my daughter has THREE tea sets for her tea table (no more tea sets, Nana!), a cupcake kitchen (thank you, Aunt Sarah!), and a buggy/grocery cart.  I want to get her more baby doll accessories like a crib and a highchair but there's time for that.  And no room at the moment!

Will's corner.  The train table was the best purchase we ever made...it gets hours upon hours of love.
312.  A husband who takes care of me (and the kids) when I don't feel well. 
313.  Spontaneous IM conversations with friends, and friends who still believe in very long emails with multiple paragraphs, with lots of telling stories and asking questions.  I love sitting down to an email with a cup of coffee.
314.  Being already a week into March.  C'mon, spring.
315.  I think I must say this every week, but it deserves a weekly mention:  Will's excellent progress with his speech.  Every day now I hear, "What dat, Mama?"  He wants to know about *everything*. 
316.  The chance to write an article (place comment if you'd like a link) for an online mom's magazine.  Writing is just good for my soul.
317.  Lavender soap.
318.  Coupons for Gymboree.
319.  An upcoming visit from my parents, which means lots of lovin' for my kids, good food and conversations, and of course, DATE NIGHT. 
320.  The sometimes-tough but invaluable and ongoing lesson of how to stretch a dollar.  We've learned how to get 4-5 meals out of a package of chicken!


Kate said...

What a fun room! So colorful and light. I bet Will and Lucy are just loving it.
Did you get that 20% off gymboree coupon? My sisters & I went nuts and put in a massive order. :)

Becky said...

No I did NOT. I have a 10% off coupon! Please tell me it still exists out there and doesn't expire before March 15???