Monday, February 27, 2012

Multitudes on Monday...#301-310

Thankful for:

301.  Time off mom duty (courtesy of le husband extraordinaire, of course) to just sit by myself and watch the Oscars, even though it was spectacularly boring this year.  Although it was helped by late-night texting with The Shabby Princess...we agreed on the following:  The Academy needs to bring back Hugh Jackman as host (for now and forevermore, amen); Colin Firth should just be nominated for everything and also win everything so we could just look at him all evening (I don't care if that makes it the "Colin Firth Show" -- fine by us!); and finally, we both wanted to elope with Natalie Portman's red dress -- it was delicious vintage perfection.

Dear J.Lo:  Please take a page from this book.  That is all.
302.  Will's ever-expanding imagination.  While I was changing his diaper this morning, he pointed to an owl perched somewhere on the wall in his bedroom.  He hoot-hooted with it, too.  (Does anyone know where I can get a stuffed owl?)  Then later this morning, we all (me, Will, and Lucy) alternately hid from a dragon under the table and then fed him dragon snacks so he would be nice.  (Marty and I honestly have no clue where he picked up dragon knowledge -- we know there are no dragons in his books and we can't recall any from his shows?)
303.  Pinterest.  Yes, I'm thankful for Pinterest, okay???  I know that for some people, Pinterest is materialism overload and I get that (after all, it's mostly pictures of *stuff*).  Yet for me, I am actually energized by it.  I see pretty rooms and think, I know how I can put together that element on the cheap!  And I see fun kid's stuff and think, What a great birthday present!  It's sort of like my relationship with the Pottery Barn catalog.  I know I'll never have all those lovely things, but I can sure use it for inspiration, can't I?
304.  Reading the 19th installment (Body in the Gazebo) of the Faith Fairchild mysteries (Katherine Hall Page).  I've been reading this series for a good decade now, and it always feels like hanging out with an old friend.
305.  Lots of sunshine and fresh breezes.
306.  The never-ending process of self-discovery.
307.  That Lucy is *finally* teething the last of her baby teeth!  (I know those 2-year molars are on their way, but still, it's nice to feel accomplishment with her.)
308.  That Lucy is *finally* talking a bit more.  She might also be a candidate for speech therapy if she doesn't add a whole lot more to her vocabulary by her next well-baby appointment, but we have seen some improvement.  Her favorite thing to say is "!"  (Don't be alarmed; she is rarely in any kind of trouble.  It's just a call for attention from her favorite guy.) 
309.  Planning trips.
310.  (Already) planning my kids' birthday parties.  (Will is pretty much fixated on oceans right now; we watched a documentary this weekend about a dolphin named "Jo-Jo" and he's been walking around with a Fisher Price toy dolphin ever since, helping his own Jo-Jo to swim.  I can just see an oceanic birthday's off to Pinterest I go!)  :)


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the Oscars, but of course I checked out all the dresses on Fashion Police. I did like Natalie Portman's dress, but the one I was really taken was Michelle Williams'. I could have done without the weird little bow on the side, but other than that, I thought it was just lovely.

I think an ocean-themed birthday party would be awesome! I definitely think that was Will's favorite part of the zoo. And dolphins, huh? Well, you know I have to throw this in: Tee-hee! -Katie

Kate said...

that dress is just adorable. I saw a picture somewhere of J.Lo. and of Angelina Jolie, both of whom seem to be suffering from a mid-life crisis. Crazy, when you can look as good as Natalie Portman and be both adorable and alluring!