Sunday, February 19, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays...#291-300

Thankful for:

291.  A much-needed trip to the salon, not only to fix a couple of cheap and iffy haircuts and have a professional hide those grays but also to sit and be still for a couple of hours.  Got lots of reading and thinking done and came out with a whole new look to boot!
Yes, kids, that's RED hair.  (Sorry to all my Facebook peeps; this is my profile pic so you've seen it aplenty, I know!)

292.  A clean, stocked, and organized refrigerator.  I confess I've opened the door a few times just to enjoy the sparkle and sanity of it all.
293.  A husband who has as much fun cooking as I do, and the time we spend together in the kitchen partnering up to make meals, dream, and slow-dance to the music on the radio.
294.  Friends made doing just this -- blogging and sharing and rambling about the miscellany of life. 
295.  How truly delightful -- and funny -- my kids are.  The toddler stage is definitely one of high maintenance, but it's also pretty hilarious!

Someone found a clubhouse.

She likes to empty it and sit inside with the door closed.  And then open the door with a shriek, hoping to startle you!  (The more dramatic your response, the harder she laughs, of course!)  (And yes, I know, we need to trim her hair or get her to wear barrettes...)

This one takes a drive at least once a day about the property.

Fueling up.  (Do you see his backseat passengers?  He's in a *huge* animal phase right now.)

I love getting random pictures that really capture personality!
296.  Packets of 80-calorie Nestle cocoa.
297.  Perrier with lime. Diet Coke, who?
298.  Days off for Marty.  Happy birthday, Mr. President(s). 
299.  Sorry for dropping a Marilyn there...we've been watching "Smash" and I am loving, loving, loving it!  Yes, thankful for good entertainment!
300.  Weaning Lucy from the bottle, which was #22 of my 35 New Year's aspirations.  Check!


Kate said...

Look at you, redheaded and getting to your gratitude list a day early! Hope you have a wonderful day together tomorrow!

Kara said...

You look fantastic! Way to go without the DC...I'm still avoiding it too and drink Le Crioux instead. And I'm with you on the toddler stage, exhausting yet hilarious!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Love your hair!! Yay for wonderful blessings! :)

Kristen said...

You look FABULOUS! That is all :)

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter! Remember when you used to fit in the kitchen cabinet? You were in high school, weren't you? :) -Katie