Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Multitudes on, on Thursday. #281-290

Thankful for:

281.  Getting to that to-do item that has plagued me and my list for MONTHS.  You are ta-done, sir.
282.  The self-disclipline to take a much-needed break from Facebook during the day to get some things done (see #281).  I have all my laundry done with the exception of a basket or two (and that much gets generated in my house during the space of a couple days!).  Bills/mail/filing all done, some desk drawers cleaned out, etc.  It was a productive break from screen time, but I have also very much enjoyed all the "I missed you" notes on Facebook, too! 
283.  Starting new traditions with the kiddos.  We now have a dance break almost every day.  You should see my babies get down with their bad selves.  (If a couple days go by without getting in some boogey time, Will comes to me and says, "Dance, Mama?"  I love it!)
284.  The way both kids greet their Daddy when he walks through the door, with shrieked exultations and arms thrown about his knees and thighs and waist -- just wherever they can cling to him the fastest.  Add to that his own excitement and the gleam in his eyes, to be so enjoyed by his children.  It is beyond precious.
285.  Speaking of...I'm so thankful for my partner in life.  We've had to make a couple of big decisions lately and even though it bites rocks to face some tough realities, the difficulty is absolutely mitigated by having someone with whom to share the burden.  (And I know, Marty probably appears on this list at least once per installment...)
286.  That Lucy is finally drinking from a straw-sippy cup.  We're weaning her from the bottle this week (and I am more sad about it than I care to admit).
287.  A box full of goodies from my parents, and a gift card for a Valentine's Day meal.  We used it, Mom and Dad, and it was delish!
288.  A box of Russell Stovers.  It's bizarre, but I actually prefer them to Godiva!
289.  Reading all the expressions of love on Facebook on Valentine's see that so many of my friends are happily married, or even happily single, but surrounded by love, regardless.
290.  To feel very hopeful about good changes coming in the future, and the near future at that.

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Kristen said...

Cheers to getting some stuff checked off that list! I swear mine sits in a corner mocking me daily.

I have to say that one of my favorite parts about the rare day off is seeing Anna run to her Daddy when he comes in. The boys are a little more reserved about these open displays of affection now, but every so often they are overcome :)

Glad to hear the twinkle in your "voice" again. Much love!