Friday, November 4, 2011

Monticello: Pictures

Here are some pictures from Monticello (we visited on October 31st).
Stay tuned for a follow-up post, Monticello:  Reflections.
My favorite picture of the house.

I hate how "flat" this looks because when you're standing on the terrace, the view of the mountains is just breathtaking. 

One of the most goose-bumpy factoids of history:  Thomas Jefferson died on the 50th anniversary of the signing of his Declaration, on July 4th, 1826.

TJ's monument.  The original, more simple stone was replaced by Congress and his gravesite surrounded by this wrought-iron barricade.  We like to protect our Presidents even centuries after they've passed, apparently.

BFFs.  (See?  We both wore our brown vests on this day.)

At the Welcome Center, gift shop, museum area.  SUPER easy/navigable for tourists and just a lovely area.

On the shuttle going up to the house; my mom and Will reading up on their history.

Me and Lucy, getting ready to join our tour group.  Please notice in this picture (and in others) my complete mom-on-the-go uniform of puffy vest, jeans, and WHITE tennishoes.  *rolling of eyes* (Dear Anthropologie:  one day...)

Two gentleman, strolling about the grounds...

On the famous porch with my Puppy.

One of my other favorite pix...  The house is flanked on both sides by two L-shaped terraces that end in small pavilions.  Underneath the house and both terraces is an enormous "behind the scenes" area (French kitchen, stables, ice house, pantries, wine cellars, etc.) that supported the elegance of the formal life at Monticello, and this is one of the neatest areas to explore. 

Examining a leaf that had just landed on the terrace...I imagine one of TJ's grandsons might have done this very thing.

The chimneys extend from the kitchens below.

The terraces are surrounded by gorgeous trees, and the day was superb for enjoying the dappled sunshine.

Looking all founding-fatherly.  :)

For her scrapbook.  My little traveler!

One of the breezeways under the house -- practically NOTHING has changed here in nearly 300 years.  The imagination really gets going walking through this tunnel!

The tunnels/breezeways are very well-lit by these magnificent windows that showcase some of TJ's flower beds.


Kate said...

Beautiful spot! Beautiful people! Thanks for sharing the photos....

Anonymous said...

I am so incredibly jealous! When Mom and Dad took us years ago, I was way too young to appreciate it. Who knew I'd end up a history major? Looks like you had a beautiful and awesome day. And you look great! I'm so glad you were able to something fun like this with M & D. :) -Katie