Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Daybook

Outside:  It is spitting snow!  Or it was, briefly.  Come back, snow!  I may curse you in late winter/early spring, but I welcome you at the *appropriate* times! 

Thinking: That it was high time I stopped fighting the way my kids want to play.  They have a play area upstairs but I don't often have enough chores to keep me up there for extended periods of time, nor do I have lots of spare time to just sit and play with them (although I do make that time periodically, and Marty spends lots of time up there with them while I clean the kitchen or what-have-you).  Anyway, having their toys in one corner of the main level of our house just wasn't working -- every day by the end of the day our house would resemble a daycare with toys strewn about and me feeling frustrated about it.  Somehow I got the uber-bright idea to establish play stations at strategic locations -- a bin of blocks and cars here, a shelf of books there, a box of Little People over there.  One of the boxes is in the kitchen and since my Lucy is a little duckling (who likes to follow me about and prefers to just be wherever her mama is), this is the one that she is drawn to most, and I love having her in sight while I do my dishes or plan my menus.  And when it's time to pick up for the day, the toys just go in the nearest bin/box/shelf/basket and all is well with my soul and in my house!  Hurrah!

From the kitchen:  Going to try a new recipe called "Beef and Brew Stew."  Doesn't just the sound of that make you feel cozier?

Going:  Nowhere really.  Which isn't a bad thing, considering that it's cold enough to snow and bundling up toddlers in all their various gear isn't exactly my idea of a good time.  Although I do hope it warms up enough to get back to the park one day this weekend, or we'll be headed to the mall so Will can run off some energy.

Reading: (still) Goodnight Nobody (Jennifer Weiner) and American Sphinx (John J. Ellis).  I vacillate between filling my head with the good nerdy stuff (latter) and indulging in a silly chick-lit mystery (former).  I never really read one book at a time, it seems.

Shopping: For the remaining 50% of the kids' Christmas presents.  I'm stuck on something for Lucy and we're also debating one of Will's.

Hoping:  To have a lovely time with Katie and Chris next week.  And that we don't ruin the turkey (Katie and I are both intimidated). 

Hearing: A chattering Lucy but a silent Will, who is in time-out for the second time this morning (for a tantrum and then throwing).  I *can't stand* to discipline him but I have to say, the time-out chair has saved my sanity because it's a non-aggressive form of punishment, really gets Will's attention, and WORKS 100% of the time.  Some days we don't need it; other days, like today, it sees a lot of action.  Oh well...

A favorite thing:  Moving furniture around.  The five little Thanksgiving/harvest trinkets I picked up at Hobby Lobby for a whopping $9 total.  Perrier.  York peppermint patties.  A brand-new Yankee candle Mom found in her garage that I'd somehow left there -- yay for found treasure!

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