Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays...Catching Up Edition...#141-160

Thankful for:

141.  My Shark steam mop.  After Will was sick over the weekend, using a steam mop to clean (and destroy germs) was not just practical in de-germing my house, it was therapeutic.  There is nothing so clean-cozy as the smell of steam!
142.  A little pill called Zofran, that dissolves on the tongue and is safe for little ones to stop their nausea. 
143.  Extremely good news from the in-depth assessment Will had with the developmental therapist on Monday night.  (Sorry Toddler Mama friends, this is all going to be repeat info for you...) I could not be more pleased with Alicia's assessment, not because it's what I wanted to hear, but because it makes sense and rings true. She told me that language is both cognition and expression...she tested Will's cognition and she says he is at least at the 3 1/2-year-old level (her tests didn't go further), so not only is his cognition normal, but advanced! She says he does have a problem with expression but that she wouldn't call it a speech delay. She closely observed his physical act of speaking and noticed that he has underdeveloped oral motor skills/poor facial muscle tone (aggravated by a pacifier but not caused by it -- he was just born that way). She said that with some speech therapy and muscle exercises, his expression will catch up to his cognition and he will be *absolutely fine* and on track.  We are simply overjoyed at this news!
144.  The sound of my children laughing as they play together.
145.  The excitement of planning a Thanksgiving menu with my sister (she and her hubby are coming to Tennessee to celebrate the day with us and have a good long weekend of catching up).
146.  Growing ever closer to my husband and still experiencing heart palpitations when I see him.  :)
147.  Advice from friends, on matters great and small.  I love when people care enough to weigh in.
148.  Finding old friends on Facebook.  Although my relationship with the social network remains in the love/hate category, sometimes it really does prove its value to me.
149.  A good visit with my parents and having the chance to travel to Virginia together.  Even though it was a bit stressful at times (traveling with two toddlers is never easy), it was still loads of fun.
150.  My new slippers (purchased in Virginia from this lovely shop called London's, a "Bathecary").
151.  "Cottage Style" and "Country French" magazines.  Eye candy!
152.  The fact that my mom gave me one of the above when I really couldn't justify the cost added to my grocery budget ($10 a pop!).
153.  How well Will is responding to the new institution of the time-out chair (it's the bottom step of our staircase).  I hate to discipline him, but he really "gets" the punishment and is (almost) always ready for apology/reconciliation when his time is up.
154.  How much Lucy is developing lately.  Her walking has turned energetic and forceful, punctuated with periods of dancing and swaying and babbling with strong opinion (we've no idea what she's saying but let me tell you, she really means it!).  She is the funniest creature.
155.  That it's still warm/sunshiney enough to open a couple of windows during the day.  I hope this lasts well into December and is possible again early in the new year.  Fresh air does wonders for my soul!
156. Constant Comment tea.  I've tried probably in the hundreds of flavors of teas, but this is still my favorite.  A classic. 
157.  Clorox wipes. 
158.  Febreze with Gain scent.
159.  The Internet.  I found my husband (eHarmony), my nanny (wish I still had her!) (CitySitters), my current home (Craig's List) -- all online.  I even found a few dear friends through their blogs.  I planned our Monticello visit online, now Katie and I are working on our Thanksgiving menu from various recipe websites...what would we do without the Internet???
160.  This exercise in gratitude.  I love how it makes me stop and be thankful once a week. 


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Love your wonderful list of blessings!! I'd love to own a shark mop, but I've never met anyone that owned one. Do you highly recommend it?

Becky said...

Oh my goodness, I am in love with my Shark mop. The cleaning pads are washable/bleach-able, and all you have to do is add water to the tank and voila, you have instant germ-killing steam that smells SO GOOD! It's so much better than a Swiffer or a standard mop, in my opinion. Now, we have laminate hardwood floors, and it's perfect for them...I'm not sure how it would do on other surfaces, but it's great on laminate.
Thanks for the comment!!! :)

Kate said...

Constant Comment! I forgot about that...that's the tea from my college days. I'll have to pick some up soon; it's just the right balance of citrus and tea. So glad you mentioned that!

Jen Knox said...

Girl, I have a love affair with my shark steam mop! I sometimes steam mop after work just to relax. Nothing like killing all those nasty germs and seeing and hearing that steam!