Monday, November 14, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays...#161-170

(In the interest of brevity, since I'm usually long-winded on these and since I'm already burning through these precious moments of naptime peace and quiet...)

Thankful for:

161.  Bailey's.  Especially when my Marty plays bartender and brings me a Bailey's and cream on the rocks after a super-long day.
162.  Doors and toilet lids.  Laugh if you want, but given Lucy's new penchant for swirling various objects in toilet water, you'd be thankful, too.
163.  Real Simple magazine, especially the December issue (love all those gift ideas!).  (Dear Santa, my subscription is almost up...)
164.  A husband who requests that I write him a Christmas list. 
165.  The indulgent act of perusing various online stores for items to put on aforementioned Christmas list.
166.  My washer and dryer.  They are indisputably older than the hills but are still managing the daily onslaught of (sometimes nasty) baby clothes and other laundry I throw at them, er, in them.
167.  Planned shopping trips to Kohl's, TJ Maxx, and Target tomorrow, not only for needed supplies, but for Christmas presents for our babies.  Buying them surprises makes me rub my hands together in glee, I'm so happy!
168.  Mild 60-plus-degree weather in mid-November.  Dear the South, this Yankee loves you.
169.  My nightly date with Marty to watch 30 Rock.  We've always liked the show but didn't always get the jokes because we hadn't watched from the beginning, so we started watching them episodically a few weeks ago.  We have a blast watching them, and I swear Tina Fey might be the funniest person currently living!
170.  Lots of new words from Will this week, including when he patted his chest with both hands and said "Good boy!" in repitition of my praises.  Makes me feel successful as a mommy, at least in the moment.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Up All Night is my current favorite comedy. We don't even have kids, but we love it! We laugh out loud at some of the conversations they have because they sound just like us. It's like what every couple talks about but no one has come out and said in a show before. -Katie