Monday, November 28, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays...#181-190

Thankful (for):

181.  The wisdom of this quote, which is now written out in large letters and taped to my fridge:  "You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once."  (~Polish proverb)  Keeping this in mind has changed my attitude so much.  Just today, I was busy doing something when Will came to me with his "Go, Dog, Go!" book, and even though I was tempted to say "Hang on" or "Maybe later", I grabbed his hand and we sat down in an armchair and I read it through with all the fun inflections like I had all day.  Because for my son, I do.  He's growing so fast...
182.  Creative gift-giving.  Marty and I can't afford to do a whole lot for each other this Christmas, but right now he's at Buffalo Wild Wings, settled at the bar with a beer and wings, watching his beloved Saints play Monday Night Football.  Time off from our delightful-but-demanding home life is always a treat, and I'm thrilled that I came up with the idea!
183.  The fact that Marty did a voluntary Starbucks run for me before his game.
184.  For a successful Thanksgiving dinner (my sister and I *rocked* the kitchen, y'all!).
185.  For a lovely visit with Katie and Chris.
186.  For the new kids' winter coats and homemade bread that arrived with my sister from my parents.
187.  That I've finally embarked on a lifelong dream -- to write a book.  I have a whopping 100 words or so written, but I have characters and dialogue and settings and scenes and a PLOT in my head and I'm so excited!
188.  For God's provision.  I just read an article today about the growing use of food stamps among young professionals who are out of work in this terrible economy, and it was a sobering reminder to be so grateful for Marty's job, regardless of its geographical location!
189.  For the upcoming, just-before-Christmas visit from my parents.
190.  For the merriment of planning a fun Christmas Day with my Marty -- we are going to live it up!  Right now, mimosas and French toast are on the breakfast menu, and the dinner menu is featuring a surf-and-turf theme (prime rib and sea scallops, woot!!!).  And we've barely even begun to plan!


Anonymous said...

I meant to ask you about your book while we were down there! I saw your books on your desk and was wondering if you had started to write yet. Are you keeping it a big secret until it's finished, or will you give us clues as to what you're writing about?

And, yes, we totally rocked Thanksgiving dinner! I am so proud of us! We weren't afraid, and we didn't let it beat us down! :) Looking forward to next time. -Katie

Becky said...

"I'm not afraid of you, Thanksgiving!"
I'm still cracking up at that, and you know we'll say that every Thanksgiving from now on. LOVE it.
I'm not keeping it a big secret but I'm only mulling plots and characters with Marty (and I've asked Kate for some consultant help on what it's like to live in an old house...that's the only clue for now!). I'll be sure to share some more when I've got more nailed down. Even if I fall flat on my face in utter failure, I'll have TRIED. And I have to try.

Marty said...

I love your "Thankful For" lists, honey! The Starbucks run before the Saints game was the least I could do for you giving me the night off! Plus, you and Katie both knocked the crap out of Thanksgiving! I forgot to tell you, Norman Rockwell came by to paint a scene from our kitchen that day, but I told him to get lost - we we're getting ready to eat. Bad timing, dude!