Wednesday, August 24, 2011

At the Zoo

Last Friday, my sister Katie and I took the babies to the Indianapolis Zoo.  The morning was overcast and not overwhelmingly hot, so we were in high hopes that we wouldn't melt.  Unfortunately, by early afternoon the sun was out and blazing and the air was just plain sticky, but by then we'd packed in plenty of fun so we were ready to call it a day.  And what a day it was!  Will absolutely loved every second, though I don't think I can say as much for Lucy, who finally gave in to the nap that had been calling her name the whole time.  She did catch the dolphin show, so I know she had a great first experience, too!
Will and Mama at the dolphin show!  This is a free activity with admission and so worth the trouble of wrangling kids inside and up ramps without strollers (you have to leave them outside for some reason?).  We had great seats and the dolphins performed so well!

Lucy with my sister, "Aunt Modey" (don't ask, it's a family thing).  Lucy was a bit bug-eyed because the music was loud and people were clapping and I think that's her first experience with something like that(?).

It's difficult to get good pictures of an aquarium (and in a dark building) but I think you can see that the trainers were showing us how they work with the dolphins.  (The dolphins all have fabulous names and of course I can't remember a single one...)  Anyway, this dolphin performed lots of stunts for us; she was so much fun to watch!

Another shot of her; what a beauty!

At the Oceans exhibit, showing Will a manta ray!  He was utterly fascinated.

Now showing us a thing or two!

I love this picture -- Will wanted to grab ahold of these underwater friends so badly!

This is the view of Will that I see most often in a public place (where I feel safe for him to walk independently).  I end up chasing him and running myself ragged, but it's worth it for him to feel free to run and play for a little while at least!

Will acted like an old museum/exhibit pro, going to each display and even seemingly reading the information!  He was cracking me up.

My favorite picture of the day.  Will was waiting for the sea lion to circle back around.  He was just in awe.

Yup, that's awe on his face!

We finally made it out of Oceans and went to Plains, where they have a carousel.  First ride on one!

A zebra!  I would hold Will and tell him what the animal was (he knew "giraffe" but wasn't so familiar with zebras) and he would look at me like, Really Mom?  Are you putting me on???

Again, he didn't quite seem to believe it was a real lion!

Meanwhile, Lucy saw the inside of her eyelids...poor baby zonked after Oceans!

Another favorite picture -- I always wanted to be a mom and this shot says "Dream come true" to me, all the way to my mom shoes!

I saw this and started cracking up.  Katie thought I must have been losing my mind until I said, "Giraffes don't let their babies cry it out!" 

Not happy to be back in the stroller but fading fast...

...and officially faded!  He had the greatest time.

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Anonymous said...

That was such a great day, in spite of the heat. I feel so blessed to have been a part of something so special. I can't wait for more adventures! -Aunt Modey