Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Multitude Monday (er, Tuesday)...#21-30

(Totally spaced this yesterday!  Oh well, here it is anyway!)

Thankful for:

21.  The anticipation of catching up with girlfriends.  Knowing I'll never touch on everything I want to chat about is okay because I also know we won't waste a single moment in trying.
22.  The ability to vent on something called a blog.  And to have dear friends chime in and encourage.
23.  The appearance of Lucy's top right front tooth -- the bittersweet pang of going through each new stage with my babies.
24.  Teenage-lovesick-equivalent phone calls with my husband when we're hundreds of miles apart. 
25.  Having prayers for wisdom and growth very clearly answered.
26.  Tomatoes by the bushel basket in my mama's kitchen -- it's August in Indiana, y'all!
27.  The abundance of Thomas trains, tracks, and accessories kept at my parents' house, courtesy of my nephew Ethan.  Will has been in absolute heaven playing with "doo-doo's."
28.  Changing my mind about someone.  (Having God show me how wrong I was about that person and swallowing my wrongness with both shame and pleasure.)
29.  Pastor John sermons (my parents' pastor).  How I was blessed on Sunday by what he shared about God, the Great Physician!
30.  Not having to send a child (back) to school yet.  Every August I feel like I've dodged a bullet, ha!

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