Saturday, August 13, 2011

Checking in...(Indy) To-Do List

  • Write piece for essay competition. Have a friend edit/review it. Wrote it, all 1500 words. Recruited a friend to review it. Uh, currently hate it, though, in its second-draft form. Am rethinking my angle and actually rethinking sending it in at all.
  • Work on Shutterfly albums for kids and order when completed. I'm having too much trouble with my Internet connection here, which is giving me all kinds of headaches uploading photos. Might have to spend a morning at Panera or something, scamming off super-fast connection speeds and uploading pix.
  • Go through recipe collection and cookbooks; create a more organized recipe and meal list binder. I've started this project but I'm only about 2 recipes into it. This needs more attention.
  • Begin work on creating a home organization binder. Big fat nothing here.
  • Check in with professional organizing client and schedule a second round of organization with her. Checked in with her but only to have both of us say, "let's chat in a few days." Hmm, probably should do this.
  • Do something fun and extra-special with the kids at least every other day. I shouldn't exactly mark this off since I have a whole week left, but I've been trying to do something special each day, even if it's just going outside to swing. This is a big deal for us, since we live in a condo and swinging requires a trip to the park!
  • Take walks.
  • See friends. I've seen a grand total of ONE friend. I have a bunch of tentative plans in the works but I've got to nail them down this weekend!
  • Blog. No problem here!
  • Pray. Need to do more, though. Lots of stuff going on in friends' lives. Painful stuff that must be lifted heavenward.
  • Enjoy Lucy's birthday party with family. Done! I hope my Lucy-Lou enjoyed her party. She sure looked cute!

  • Sleep.   Yes.  Thank God for my parents. 
  • Catch up on all emails (even the one that's about 2 years old now...yeesh). I'm working on it and even making some headway, but I'm nowhere near the beginning of the list (that 2-year-old message). 
  • Haunt Half-Price Books. Nope, but might do that this afternoon.
  • Schedule and enjoy some time with both my sisters. Nope, but things are in the works, including a movie with my younger sister ("The Help" maybe?).  I did spend time with my older sister working on Lucy's party but with 6 kids between us, quality time is rare, no matter how we finagle schedules and such. Would definitely appreciate more. 
  • Begin Christmas listing, window-shopping, pricing, perusing, etc.   Begun!  Even signed up for Barnes & Noble's new Kids Club membership, where you get $5 off every $100 spent (that adds up easily when you have 2 kids and 8 nieces and nephews), plus coupons via email!  Just got my first 30% off one item coupon.  I highly recommend signing up. 
  • Write love letters to Marty.   Done and will do more.  We started our relationship and fell in love with each other through letters and it's always so much fun to go back and re-experience that.  If you see me this week, you might have to listen to me go on for a few minutes about how much I love him.  I'm sorry, it can't be helped.  :) 
  • Hit clearance racks at Von Maur, TJ Maxx, and Target.   I've perused and picked and plotted, and added Ann Taylor Loft to the list.  When Marty gives me the go-ahead, I'm going in and taking no prisoners. 
  • Go antiquing at favorite store in Franklin.   Of all the things on my list, this looks like it has the least chance of happening.  I might be able to squeeze it in, though.
  • Visit with my grandparents.  Saw them at Lucy's party but I need to go see them again before we leave.  They're so cute.


Marty said...

What a fantastic picture of you and Lucy, baby! I love that big ol' smile of my little baby girl!!

Anonymous said...

I love it when a child's headgear is bigger than the actual child! Awesome. -Katie