Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Multitude Monday (again on Tuesday!)...#41-50

Thankful for:

41.  Seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains begin to appear in the distance as we traveled south yesterday, and feeling my heart skip a little, knowing that at least for now, they are home, and what a lovely home they are.
42.  Our portable DVD player with two screens.  I asked Marty yesterday how we would travel without it, and he said, "Well, we wouldn't."  And it's so true.  I hate that our littles are couch potatoes for several hours at a time, but at least they are happy to sit still long enough to make our interstate journey!
43.  Long talks with my beloved on road trips.  Planning out our fall and Christmas seasons with things we'd like to do and people we'd love to see.
44.  Coming home to a house that smelled of detergent, coffee, and eucalyptus.  The combination of fragrances was like the warmest of hugs last night.  (I'm beginning to think I have an unhealthy affection for my little condo.)
45.  The possibility of another weekend getaway in September for me and Marty; it's not for sure yet but the hope is frankly tantalizing!
46.  Watching Lucy take some pretty confident steps while pushing her little ride-on toy.  I think we're going to have another walker within a matter of days now.
47.  Friends who guide and encourage and take the time to do so, even though they're extremely busy.  It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated by me!
48.  My two new paint-on-burlap prints from Kirkland's clearance rack ($11 each!), one of a fork and one of a spoon, that I'm going to gleefully hang in my kitchen tonight with Marty's help.  (I will post a picture of them once they're hung!)
49.  Episodes of Project Runway to catch up on.
50.  The fact that half of my readers are English majors, yet no one is going to criticize me for ending that last point on a preposition.  ;)

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Kate said...

I love car conversations. The monotony of scenery sort of lulls you into deeper thoughts - assuming no one is shrieking in the backseat of course.