Monday, August 15, 2011

Multitude Monday...#31-40

Thankful for:

31.  Planning a 24-hour getaway this weekend with my beloved; we are as giddy as would-be honeymooners.
32.  The perfection of "Away in a Manger" as a lullaby -- the theme, the tune, the lyrics ("Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care").  Will sleepily smiled up at me as I sang through it a couple times and I just melted inside.
33.  My mama's homemade ice cream.
34.  The humble, earthy experience of picking grape tomatoes from my Mom's garden for her, how each little tomato just tumbles off the vine and the plunk sound they make as they hit the bucket.  (I feel gardening might be in my non-condo future.)
35.  Small successes in life...I recently fell in love with couponing and a major part of the system is the idea of stockpiling.  I've been couponing and stockpiling (in an empty diaper box) since arriving in Indiana and last night, I reviewed my receipts; in a box filled with $91 worth of (needed) items (laundry detergent, cereal, toothpaste, hand soap), I'd paid only $43 for them -- a savings of 52%.  I'm just so grateful I've found a small way in which to shave off some of our expenses.
36.  Two girlfriend dates to Cheesecake Factory -- the dates as different as the girls themselves but oh, how I needed both those dates (and how I need both those girls).  (Do I have to call all of us "women?"  Why do I hesitate to do that?)
37.  Dunkin' Donuts' "buy 4, get the 5th coffee free" promotion.  I'm on my second card since arriving in Indy. (I can throw a rock from my parents' porch to the nearest DD.)
38.  Random, walk-in hair appointments that do not end in tears.  Brittany at Robert's?  Well done, friend, well done.
39.  $20 dresses at Target, especially when I've earned a $20 gift card just for buying diapers.
40.  Perusing online and walking aisles in stores, musing over possibilities for Christmas gifts, imagining how my babies would react to various items and already feeling the gleeful delight in their future. 

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