Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Night, Saturday Nightbook?

Outside:  Well, it's pitch black.  But earlier today we had a pretty violent thunderstorm and afterwards there was a strange kind of warm and still silence to the air.  It felt mysterious...

Thinking: About the ebb and flow of joy in my life, and how I can be purposeful about retaining it once I've discovered it, by making habits out of good-for-me activities and tasks and casting away that which is harmful, no matter what it might be.

Thankful: That Marty let me sleep in this morning.  It's been a truly heinous week in many ways, but just a few extra hours of sleep and my day has been a marked improvement.
From the kitchen:  I've been writing out weekly menus and posting them on the fridge for quite some time now, and I think I've decided to go ahead and be all Trendy McTrenderson and put together a framed chalkboard for my kitchen.  You know, because I'd actually use it (and I think in that case, it's okay to follow a trend?).  Anyway, here's what's coming up this week in our kitchen!

Creating:  I think I'm going to permanently delete this category.  The only thing I'm good at creating is messes all over my kitchen countertops. 

Going:  To that new church tomorrow that we've been considering for months now.  Have to put my brave face on and leave my babies with strangers (although this church runs a daycare out of their facilities, which seems to imply that safety procedures might already be in place and I can just relax and worship?).

Reading: Still working on Elizabeth Berg's Escaping into the Open (I'm actually a very quick reader but, you know, two babies and all...), and I want to share a passage here that resonated with me:
"Most writers, by nature, need a lot of time by themselves.  It's important to write alone, at least some of the time, but I think it's important for us to be alone a fair amount of the time, too.  Then we can often get rid of a kind of internal scorecard that makes us compare ourselves to others, and that makes us do things according to the way we think others would have us do them.  We need the chance to draw from our unique selves, to act according to our own beliefs, without any interference from others.  I believe that solitude, perhaps more than anything, breeds creativity, breeds originality."
Get rid of the internal scorecard...act according to our own beliefs without interference...hmm, you think this might have felt good for me to read?  (If you aren't a regular reader of my blog, this comment won't make sense; sorry 'bout that.)

Shopping: My children done went and grew like dem weeds in yon field!  Seriously, I have to buy a slew of 18-month outfits and 24-month sleepers(!) for Lucy, and a bunch of 3Ts for Pup.  Thank goodness their growth spurts actually coincided with changing of seasons -- that's one good thing!
Hoping:  Always.  Today, with a little bit more oomph, thanks to the extra sleep.

Hearing:  Perfect silence.  Lucy is in la-la-land and Marty is upstairs rocking Will to sleep.  Yes, we still rock our 2-year-old to sleep.  Want to know something?  Marty and I both love it and we don't look forward to the day when he's just too big to be rocked and/or doesn't want a thing to do with it. 

A favorite thing:  PBS documentaries.  We're watching an older one about Thomas Jefferson...what an extraordinary man, so full of complexities and paradoxes.  He's always been my favorite (and it turns out he had a daughter named Lucy Elizabeth?  Marty and I almost fell over when we heard that!!!).  Also, easy-to-make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that are far and away much better than my recent oatmeal chocolate chip versions.  (If anyone wants the recipe, I'll be happy to send it.) 

Well, Will is down and I'm off to go finish our TJ documentary and eat some of those aforementioned cookies.  Goodnight, y'all!

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