Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Daybook

Outside:  Outside my kitchen window, I can see the white picket fence (I kid you not) that separates a neighboring house from my condo unit, and just beyond it is a pink dogwood tree.  In the spring, that dogwood was the first to bloom and did she ever have a beautiful display for us.  Now it looks as though she is going to be the first to begin turning color for the fall.  There is the faintest hint of red to her leaves and I know she won't disappoint us with her show!  (I wonder if anyone would notice if I dug her up and moved her with us when we [eventually] leave east Tennessee?)

Thinking: About the burden that husbands/fathers carry, especially if they are the sole providers for the family; it makes me want to renew my efforts in providing a clean, warm, beautiful home and tasty food for my beloved.  It's the least I can do.  Also thinking when I can get away with turning on my (gas) fireplace for the first time this fall!  I can't wait to cuddle up in my chair, wrapped in an afghan and only slightly trying to read a book, dozing while I watch the flames dance. 

Thankful: For spray-on Lanacaine.  I burnt my arm while carelessly flipping the chicken in the skillet for last night's fried chicken salad.  And. it. HURT.  Reason #697 to always have a first-aid kit stashed away in a closet.  (I assemble my own; I don't rely on the pre-fab ones because a) the items tend to be cheap and b) they don't seem to cover all possible emergencies!)
Also thankful for my new group on Facebook -- "Project Runway Rants and Raves."  Friends are adding friends and so far, it's a fun place to discuss PR and peripheral topics.  I really enjoy "meeting" new people this way! 

From the kitchen:  Perhaps something from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook that I'm trying to win?!?  Cross your fingers for/with me!

Going:  Back to the new church this weekend.  We had an enjoyable experience and I felt comfortable leaving my kids in the nursery, so big answer to prayer there.  Although we have to get there much earlier this Sunday because it takes so long to check them in and chat with the workers.  I missed almost all the praise and worship service and I'm just desperately needing some P&W time!

Reading:   Have to wait until next week for pay-day (how anti-perfect am I to admit that!?), but here's what's in my shopping cart on  The White Queen, Philippa Gregory; The Red Queen, Philippa Gregory; The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Setterfield; and American Sphinx:  The Character of Thomas Jefferson, Joseph J. Ellis.  The first three books are part of a deal that BN is having right now -- buy 2, get 1 free.  And because I'm spending over $25, I get free shipping!  My total comes to $34.  Four books for $34?  YES, I think so!  (Marty knew when he married me that there will *always* have to be a "new books" category in our monthly budget...) 
Notes about these books:  I've read almost everything else that Philippa Gregory has written.  She writes amazing historical fiction and her baileywick is the Tudor era (my favorite).  In this new series she ventures back further in time to the Wars of the Roses, and since I know next to nothing about that time in England, I'm excited to read and learn.  The book by Diane Setterfield is a NY Times bestseller and I've *almost* bought it a handful of times now, and for some reason always opted for something else at the time.  Well, no more!  And the book on TJ -- well, the nerd in me needs to be nourished.  :)

Shopping: (again, next week) at Old Navy for clothes for the kids and at Ulta for some new skincare items for Mama (my choice from Origins).  I'm struggling with acne again for the umpteenth time in my life, and I think it's my old nemesis, hormones.  I think I'm still dealing with postpartum hormonal chaos?  Has anyone else had this lingering problem after giving birth?

Hoping:  For a silent night tonight.  You hear that, children of mine?  Mommy and Daddy need sleep!

Hearing: Dora and Boots and BackPack and Map having an adventure in the living room, while my kids mostly ignore it in favor of play.  Will just told me he wants to "cuh-nor" (color) so I should probably turn it off...

A favorite thing:  Waking up to a clean kitchen.  Worth the extra effort at night, especially when I wipe down the highchairs and sweep the floor.  French vanilla coffee.  The way my husband looks in an oxford shirt and tie (he's changed out from his usual wardrobe of Polos and khakis now that the weather is cooler).  Fridays!


Kristen said...

Ah, now that's what I was waiting for. It's so nice to get this glimpse into the Conway manor. When we "chat" we always have issues and advice and rants to discuss. It's not until an hour or two in (on those rarest of visits) that we get around to a topic like your beloved view from your window or what books you're plotting to add to your library. Love these posts the most :)

Marty said...

Hey baby! I love your daybook posts! We'll make a little book budget for you next week - you deserve it!

I love you!


Becky said...

@Marty: You are the sweetest. I love you. ~Your Becky