Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Because I want to win

In my quest to find new, more *real*, better-for-me and in-the-doing -type blogs, I've stumbled upon Sacred Mommyhood.  And right now, Candace is doing a giveaway of the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, and y'all, I want that cookbook.  I think she'll fit nicely in between my new Gwyneth Paltrow and my go-to Barefoot Contessa's, don't you?

So here's my shameless plug for this blog (but for real, I think my fellow anti-perfect mommy bloggers would really enjoy her!) and my even more shameless bid to win a cookbook.  Or any prize for that matter, to be quite honest...  :)


Sacred Mommyhood said...

Becky...thank you so much for blogging my giveaway. I love what you wrote...especially the 'anti perfect mommy bloggers part'. I've read my share of blogs that gave an appreance of perfection...and we know this does not exist.'s more fun to keep it real, right? lol

Good luck..I hope you win! I've got you down for two entries. You could get another by sharing my link on FB. :)

You have a beautiful family!

Sacred Mommyhood said...


hehe..should proofread first. ;-)

Kate said...

Have you tried many recipes from the GP one? I have to say, the few that I've tried have not impressed me. Not sure if it's me doing something wrong or what, but I had higher hopes....

Becky said...

@Kate: I've only tried a couple of GP's (I don't have her incredible pantry!). But there are some I've dog-eared that will get some attention now that we're into fall. I'll let you know which ones work for us!

Kristen said...

I will have to admit that I checked out the GP book and we just don't have the pantry (nor the refined tastes) in our house to bother :) Please share if you find one that works. Aren't we all on the eternal search for something new and amazing to nosh?

As for PW - divine! I'm planning two meals from her inventory (in the cp, which I named Crocky...and it's smaller kin, Crocky Jr.). I made the monkey muffins last weekend and the kids went gaga for them.

Was hoping to find a DayBook entry today. Maybe? I don't know why, but they are my fave of your posts :)

Becky said...

@Kristen: Just for you, I shall Daybook it today.
I think what I've really enjoyed about GP's book is the, I don't know, heart in her recipes? I can feel her love for her family, and especially her children, when she introduces a recipe. And she does tend toward more European cooking (having lived in Spain and Britain), and you know me and anything European... :) I did try a salad based loosely on her Nicoise (sp?) salad and Marty and I love it. That's been one success thus far.
As for PW, I've yet to try any of hers but she's getting alot of press these days and seems to be maintaining her down-to-earth appeal. That makes me like her more.