Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Multitude Monday (making its regular appearance on Tuesday)...#61-70

Thankful for:

Mr. Crocky
61. My Crockpot and whoever invented it. Our Rib Fest yesterday was a huge success, due in no small part to Mr. Crocky. And today I have chicken breasts slow-cooking in a made-up broth (meaning, I threw about every herb and spice in my cabinet into the bowl!) for chicken pot pie tonight.
62. Reminders to be thankful for all that I take for granted, like electricity. We lost our power on Sunday night for about 45 minutes, and it showed me how much we rely on electricity for comfort and convenience: without her fan going, Lucy woke up after having been put down for the night; I started worrying about keeping cold all the groceries I'd bought the day before; the house was slowly warming up to the muggy night outdoors, etc. Next time we have another hurricane blow through our country and deprive folks of power, they're going to get even more compassion from me! (It also makes me think generators should be cheaper?)
63. Finding a stash of pacifiers in Lucy's room, where they fell behind the crib. It is honestly like finding gold.
64. That Will said "thank you" for the first time last night. I've coached him on this phrase many times before but it didn't "take" until yesterday. I almost jumped up and down in excitement...I'm determined to raise polite, well-mannered children! Now, when he says "yes ma'am" like a good Southern boy, I probably *will* jump up and down in excitement.
The other baby in our house
65. A quiet night -- all through the night -- last night. Both, yes BOTH, of our kids have been teething but thanks to a preemptive strike of Tylenol, they slept through. We needed some uninterrupted sleep!
66. Storytime at the library starting up again next week. I think Will is going to be so much more into it this year, as he's finally in the target age group! It feels all fall-ish to go to storytime again.
67. Speaking of fall-ish, I pushed my summer perfumes (Beachy, Acqua di Gioia) to the back of my tray and brought forward my cool-weather scents, like Cashmere Mist. I've been spraying this a bit too liberally but it truly does smell like a warm sweater.
68. The fact that Marty is becoming something of a gardener-putterer. My mom gave us a tomato plant that we keep in a big pot and cage on our deck, and I swear Marty babies that thing like it was another infant. Our second "crop" is near to ripening now and he couldn't be prouder than if he'd "plowed the lower 40" to achieve it. It's extremely cute. 
Ready to go!
69. The dark, almost black clouds on the horizon. I hope it storms again tonight! (What can I say? I'm a romantic!)
70. (and on that note) The adorable pink-and-white raincoat Mom gave me for Lucy. It's all ready to be worn for the first time this fall!

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Kate said...

Don't you love how much meat you can get per dollar from a crockpot whole chicken, compared to a pack of chicken breasts? Can't beat it for soups, pot pies, etc. It's almost double the meat for the same price.

Congratulations to Marty on a healthy, happy tomato plant! I'm telling you, there's something in a lot of men that loves gardening. It's the whole "tiller of the ground" provider thing.