Monday, September 19, 2011

Multitude Monday...#81-90

Thankful for:

81.  The fact that Will ate a good lunch today.  And a decent dinner last night.  We've been struggling so much with his appetite and finickiness (is that a word?) that any improvement is enough to sing about.
82.  This blog.  This blog post.  I asked for voices similar to my own and I have both found them and they have found me.  This woman is not afraid to be unpopular, to listen to her own mommy voice first and foremost.  She won't peddle a "system" to you; she just tells you to listen to your instincts and love your children.  Period. 
83.  The feeling of relief emerging from a period of much personal growth.  I just listed to my BF all the ways in which I've changed in the last year and frankly, it is *startling*.  But good changes.  Lots of them.  They didn't come easily, either.  (Do they ever?)
84.  One of the best weekends we've ever experienced as a family.  Yummy meals, lots of cuddle and play, going to church, going to the park, going to the store -- just all the hubbub of life experienced with smiles and laughter and very few upsets and tears.  I'm so grateful for all these precious memories.
85.  An improved complexion.  I was going to buy some Origins products but at the last minute, opted for Mario Badescu products instead.  I bought the $15 cleanser, and used a $3.50 off coupon at Ulta and was given a free sample of the collagen lotion, so I got two products for $12, which ain't half-bad, kids!  And they have worked wonders.  My skin is much improved and *softer*, an added benefit!
86.  The book, Jane Eyre's Husband, mentioned in my last post.  I "liked" the author on Facebook and ended up in a conversation with her, and she told me how to download free software to read a book on a Kindle for the PC, so I could also take advantage of the Kindle price ($9.99).  Although the writing could use some editing (can't help saying it, I'm an editor and always will be), the story is *good* and I like where she's going and how she's filling in the blanks about my much-beloved Mr. Rochester.
87.  Reconnecting with friends I once thought were lost to the maelstrom of my divorce.  The best things -- and people -- really do survive any test or hardship.  (Even if it takes a bit for them to rise to the surface.)
88.  A lovely time at church yesterday.  Will had a blast in his class, Lucy was held and rocked and loved on for an entire hour by doting grandmotherly ladies, and Marty and I were so blessed by the sermon and shared thoughts about it over our meals yesterday.  (Even though they were oft-interrupted don't exactly have deep theological conversations with two toddlers about.)
89.  The unmistakable onset of autumn with her plunging temperatures and angled sunlight. 
90.  Apple crisp.

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