Monday, September 26, 2011

Multitude Monday...#91-100 (Yeah!)

Thankful for:

91.  A good heart-to-heart talk with my sister, even though it was over email.  Katie and I are both writers by nature so we actually embrace the opportunity to communicate in this way (you know, the Austen sisters wrote very sweet letters to each other, too!).  We are both experiencing lots of aha! moments (sorry for the Oprah-ism but it's apropos) lately and I'm relishing hers as she is relishing mine. 
92.  My instincts as a mom.  Last night I heard the tiniest moan come over the monitor and where I'd normally dismiss it (when not followed by cries) or cross my fingers and hope said child would fall back asleep, this time something told me to go investigate.  I found Will in his crib, uncovered and laying at a weird angle.  I started to readjust him but he held up his arms to me and said "Ma?"  I can't resist that.  When I sat down in the glider with him, I saw a sort of upset expression on his face.  I settled him in with his silkie (blanket) and he put his arm around me and sighed the most precious sigh of contented relaxation.  For whatever reason, he just needed me and I'm so glad I felt that instinctive need to respond.
93.  The aforementioned glider.  If rocking motions could be measured in miles, I think Marty and I could have circumnavigated the globe several times with our children by now...
94.  Dunkin' "Turbo" coffee.  It's our new addiction.
95.  The Indianapolis Colts.  Go ahead and laugh -- I'm kinda laughing, too.  But honestly, with Peyton Manning sidelined with an injury, and being led by two really really NOT GOOD (and that's being nice) backup quarterbacks, my team still went out there last night and played their hearts out.  They even had the game tied up with 2 minutes to go -- versus the Steelers, y'all!!!  I love fortitude and sportsmanship and work ethic and integrity, even in the face of certain loss.  I even had a couple tears in my eyes, as the camera showed the exhausted and sad faces of these big linebackers who I've come to love.  (I used to despise football.  Now I love it.  Just goes to show you that you should never say never!) 
96.  The anticipation of an afternoon out shopping with my kiddos today, as soon as they awake from their naps.  We're just going to do window-shopping but I relish the chance to get out and take a stroll with them in this late September sunshine.
97.  The fact that no one guilt-trips me over running the dishwasher twice (sometimes 3!) times a day.  It's the only way I can keep up with my kitchen, but because it is *MY KITCHEN*, I'll do it this way, thank you very much.
98.  The chance to teach Will new words.  His speech/language development is coming along slowly, and we're even a bit worried there might be a delay (his vocabulary falls in the normal range, but he isn't phrasing yet).  But he tries, God love him, he tries so hard.  Last night we were working on "arms," "towel," and "toothpaste."  His little eyes light up as I sound out the words; it's almost like I'm canting a magic spell and he's excited to have a front-row seat.  I just love the opportunity to teach him, period.
99.  Progress made in The Great MEGA-Clean of Autumn 2011.  I got all of Will's clothes organized this morning, along with some kitchen clean-up and several loads of laundry.  It's coming along!
100.  This being a big number, I'm going to make this item auspicious and say once again I'm thankful for my darling husband.  We fell in love in September (of 2007) so this time of year is extremely special to me and to us.  I love you, my Marty.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, am very thankful for our Colts defense. They fought so hard, and even though our offense sucks, they didn't give up and played like we had a chance to win. Long live Freeney and Mathis! -Katie