Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Daybook

And so it returns!  This recurring post was perhaps my favorite to do on my other blog(s).  I'm so happy to be blogging again...

Outside:  Looks sunny and hot right now but I'm hoping for a return to the weather we had last night.  We went to the park and pushed the babies in swings and just really enjoyed being outside and not miserable!  It was still somewhat warm and humid, but this particular park has trees that are probably 200+ years old, so there's a wonderful canopy.  I loved watching the babies swinging with dappled sunlight highlighting their hair.
Thinking:  About competing in a writing contest.  Should I?
Thankful:  That my kids are both playing happily right now.  Lucy is playing with a block puzzle and cooing/singing to herself while Will is playing with letter blocks and counting (although he never gets above 5!).  So often I have to pull Lucy off a very irritated Will because he can't play in peace.  I'm trying so hard to get Lucy involved in her own play; I'm hoping the new toys she gets for her birthday will accomplish this.
From the kitchen:  More aspirations than actual meals this week.  We've been doing the easy fare (hot dogs, breakfast for dinner, pasta) but I'm going to make a big grocery run this weekend and try out some of the recipes in Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook (thanks again, Honey!).
Creating:  I'm working on homemade decorations for Lucy's "Paris Princess" birthday party.  Wish me luck.  I'm not exactly crafty.
Going:  Back to the park tonight!  Looking forward to that.  Also, probably a new church this weekend.  A bit anxious about that.  (Am I the only mom who struggles with leaving her precious babies in a nursery with strangers?)
Reading:  I just finished Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner (I think this was my third of her books to have read?).  I love her.  She can be very irreverent and a teeny touch too much in places but her stories are always heartfelt, funny, and insightful.  Now I need a new book, and I'm always looking for recommendations!
Shopping:  I've never actually purchased anything from Anthropologie, but I'm thinking now might be the time.  They have such beautiful tops on sale right now, like this one (paired with white jeans and some brightly colored flats, ooh la la!).  I love anything loose, breezy, and romantic (okay, and forgiving of my had-2-babies-in-2-years body).
Hoping:  For some good news.
Hearing:  Bee Smart Baby Bumblebee Vocabulary Builder DVD playing for the kids.  In the space of time it's taken to write this post, I've had to redirect my kids about 3 times each and Mommy needs a break. 
A favorite thing:  Coupons that come in packages of diapers.  (I'm mildly obsessed with couponing; I plan to write more about that soon!)  The fact that Marty can come home for lunch.  Lavender-scented Downy.  Netflix!

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