Monday, January 23, 2012

Multitudes on Monday...#251-270

Note:  I've been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks due to a health scare and then an unexpected death in the family.  Though I don't wish to discuss either event in any detail here on my blog, their echoes will certainly appear in my list, which I've doubled in order to catch up...

Thankful (for):

251.  A mom who (still) takes midnight phone calls.
252.  A mom and a sister who dropped everything to come to the rescue.  And a dad and a brother-in-law who spared them for me.
253.  Getting scared straight about good health and proper lifestyle choices.
254.  A mom and a sister who turned around and *drove back* to come to the rescue.  Again.
255.  My husband's strength and wherewithal amidst a jumble of absolutely bewildering circumstances.
256.  Road trips with my husband, and 3:30 a.m. heart-to-heart talks while driving under a starlit Mississippi sky.
257.  Aunt and Uncle in-laws who put you up like a visiting rock star.
258.  Sisters-in-law who are lovely and beyond precious.  And who give me the sincerest and sweetest hugs and kisses.
259.  Ministers who somehow know just what to say and just how to comfort.  The obedience of God's servants is so obvious in times of grief and mourning because they become stunningly perfect messengers of His mercy.
260.  How a kitchen table can become ground zero.  How all who gather around it find strength and sustenance there, and not from any food!
261.  How pictures become not just links to the past, but lifelines of love and family togetherness.
262.  How a childhood home can inspire special insights..."my mother-in-law used to cook Marty's dinner here" and "my beloved used to fall asleep here."
263.  Discovering a mom-and-pop coffee shop in my husband's hometown and tasting an Americano simply unequaled in my experience (and that's saying something).
264.  Being asked about my children by people who genuinely wish to know (and are not just making polite conversation).
265.  The way my very-busy husband sought me out, grabbed my hand, and led me through a crowd of mourners to keep me at his side.  The way his strong hand felt in mine as we stood in silent prayer.
266.  The way a sandwich and Southern sweet tea tasted when all was said and done.
267.  A sister who dropped her whole schedule (which is masterfully juggled to accommodate 4 children!), happily, to play with her visiting nephew and niece while their Nana worked.  (And who sent home a pile of presents that the aforementioned babies absolutely adore!)
268.  Coming home.  The feeling of wanting to hug your furniture!
269.  How my husband has happily embraced a new way of eating and living.  The man is nothing if not amiable.
270.  A stroll with my children on a very mild afternoon, seeing the breeze in their hair, hearing the birds sing, and feeling peaceful in my soul.


Kristen said...

It's so comforting to know that you are back where you belong. I can't describe how awful my heart ached for you and Marty last week. Being so far away and not being there to hold your hand or offer to get you coffee just sucked beyond words! I'm sure it doesn't make a lick of difference to your self worth, but I just have to say that I am SO PROUD of your deep love for your husband in dealing with his health scare and then the death in the family. You may not feel like a rock, but you ARE his safe port in the storm...and really who wants to be a rock? Ports are so much more romantic :)

Kate said...

Your last three sound so restful, which I am so glad to hear. I'm glad that you guys have found comfort again at home after such a rough week or two.

Becky said...

Dear Kristen and Kate,
You both need to know how your text messages buoyed me up and reminded me of love directed our way and prayers being sent up on our behalf while we were so busy comforting others.
I love how three of my dearest, best friends all sent me several texts last week, faithfully checking in. Marty was so impressed with y'all. :)

Becky said...

And Kristen, ports are indeed far more beautiful. Can I be a Grecian one on the turquoise Mediterranean??? ;)

Marty said...

Honey, I'm so thankful for all those things you wrote about in your post today. I think you summarized everything about our trip and the challenges we've faced in just the last week! By the way, Kristen is exactly right - you ARE my rock/safe harbor! I think you're rather like a harbor in England or France...we'll just say Normandy and call it good! I love you sweetheart!