Monday, January 9, 2012

Multitudes on Monday...#241-250

Thankful (for):

241.  This.

Why I'm watching the playoffs!
Especially after this nonsense.  Everyone likes to say they loved someone before they were totally famous, but in my case, it's true!  I loved Tebow when he played for Florida.  He's a fantastic quarterback (I don't care if he has good form or not!) but my favorite thing about him is his ability to handle (very unfair) criticism.  He is who he is and he's not ashamed of it.  You go, #15.  I might be your biggest fan.  :)
242.  A wonderful birthday, courtesy of my darling Marty.  My day started with breakfast in bed of French toast with homemade strawberry syrup, bacon, orange juice, and coffee, which Marty thoughtfully refilled/reheated every 15 minutes or so until I was swimming in coffee!  Then he brought the babies in for birthday hugs and kisses and my little family sang to me, then Marty took the babes to go play.  I was then left in perfect peace and quiet, and I lounged my heart out, blogging, watching the old Orson Welles version of "Jane Eyre," and dozing.  It was absolute bliss.
243.  A birthday dinner at Olive Garden that wasn't too stressful, thanks to the neverending supply of breadsticks and two kids who love them!  Fettucine alfredo followed by dessert "shots" = brilliant!
244.  A birthday package in the mail to me and Marty (his birthday is Christmas Day) from my sister and her hubby -- the newest BBC version of "Jane Eyre" (do y'all sense a theme in my life?) for me, and a Saints t-shirt for Marty!
245.  A call from my parents, singing me "Happy Birthday."  Very cute and very appreciated.
246.  A couple dozen birthday wishes for me on Facebook, from very thoughtful friends who took a moment to love on me.  I don't take any token of friendship for granted, and it really made my day!
247.  Finding baby blooms on my orchid, that I had thought was dead and was getting ready to throw out.  Nope, it was just in a regeneration cycle?  I have to read up on proper care of orchids, apparently!
248.  The white hyacinth that Marty included on my birthday breakfast tray.  It smells like heaven.
249.  Helpful parenting advice from girlfriends.  We've encountered some bedtime issues with Will and they are driving us batty, but it's so nice to hear "you're not alone" and "we've been there" when seeking advice on this. 
250.  The fact that Will said the numbers 1-10 *in Spanish* to me this morning, while watching Diego.  Sometimes I think the whole speech therapy thing might be a very brief experiment.  So thankful!!!


Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday! Sounds like Marty really knows how to make the birthday girl feel special. Love it!

And if it's not too intrusive,I would love to hear more about Will's speech therapy, how you got to that place to begin with, etc. I took the girls for their 18 month checkup today and Taylor is being referred for speech therapy since she really isn't talking yet. She babbles, is very expressive, but NO words. I'm a little my heart of hearts, I know she is perfectly fine, but I worry anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think you might have to take a backseat to Christopher in the fan rankings of Tim Tebow. I practically had to perform CPR on him last night when Tebow threw the game-winning TD! He has done so much for Christopher's beloved Broncos. Such a good kid, and such a testimony! Anybody who doesn't like it can suck it.

I'm glad you and Marty liked your birthday gifts. Sorry they were late. Being sick for a week can really throw you off schedule! Anyway, sounds like you had a good birthday. :) -Katie

Kristen said...

Well, I have to just own it that I totally suck for the birthdays this year. Anna's party is 3 weeks late (schedules, blech!), was too drugged up to even care about you or mom. Guess I'm taking my goal of consistency to the extreme. So, so sorry. I know that I wished you a sad little "happy" on fb, but it just wasn't at all in proportion to what you mean to me.