Monday, April 30, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays...#341-350

(Yes, I know it's been awhile.)

Thankful for:

341.  A brief but beautiful vacay to Myrtle Beach with my beloved.  It was not without its moment of high drama (a story for another day...or maybe never) but after the "storm" passed, it was glorious and blissful and nearly perfect.  Time sleeping in, time at the spa, time in the hot tub, time at Anthropologie, time on the beach, time eating steak and seafood, time just being married, time just BEING.  An enormous thank-you to my mom for watching our precious bebes, and an enormous thank-you to Marty's Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda, who let us stay in their timeshare (for FREEshare, y'all) and fed us and spoiled us and loved on us 'til we could have just stayed forever.  And an enormous thank-you to God for the majestic combo of sun, surf, sand, and wind.  Ah-maze-ing.
Never did a beach bum look so darn good.  (There's a 40-pound weight loss there, folks, and I couldn't be prouder of my handsome hubby!)

What's that look?  Oh yeah, that's what RESTED looks like on me!!!

We refuse to end our honeymoon.

Sportin' a new Anthro sweater, courtesy of the best husband ever.

Myrtle Beach = heaven.
342.  The beef stew, chili, chicken salad, berry cobbler, and a zillion other things my mom left in our fridge before departing for Indy.  What's the only thing that makes coming home from vacay tolerable?  Not having to worry about food!
343.  The show, "Community."  Marty and I may or may not have had to pause it (we watch it on Netflix) at least once per episode to catch our breath from laughing so hard.  Highly recommend!
344.  My best friend.  I try to tell her often, but I don't think she has any idea just how much I appreciate her daily influx of love and support and prayer and guidance and humor (and I could go on).  Where others would have bailed long ago from the sheer stress of it all (I am nothing if not drama), she's only stuck with more glue-like tenacity with each passing year. 
345.  Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.
346.  The book of Acts.  We are reading it right now at mealtimes and enjoying lots of great discussion.
347.  Long, hot baths with long, good books.
348.  The delight that Will expresses in learning.  He has learned how to draw the number 5 (see below!), utterly astonishing us because neither of us taught him.  He's trying out other numbers and his letters, too.  He might have been a little late to the party with walking and talking, but I think we might have an early bird when it comes to reading and writing.  Anyone have good suggestions on preschool phonics books or the like? 
"See, Mama?  I draw the number 5!"
 349.  Lucy Elizabeth.  For the spark of life that oozes from every cell in her being.
(although she nearly scared us witless by climbing this slide while our backs were turned for a mere second!)
350.  A new Bible study starting on Facebook -- haven't tried this "venue" for such a thing before but I think it'll be great!


Kristen said...

Can I just say that I had to suppress a squeal when I saw that you had posted?! So glad that you and the hubs had a respite from the demands of life. What a blessing! Your kiddos are just precious, dear friend. Very much looking forward to this new study, too. If you think of anyone you'd like me to add, let me know :)

Kate said...

Lovely photos, lovely to read your updates, lovely, lovely. I had to snort at your reference to Community. Dan thinks it's hysterical. I'm not quite as sold (Brita BUGS me) but still, a asset to the NBC Thursday night line-up!

Kate said...

p.s. If Jack and Lucy got married, they would have an underwater wedding and spend their honeymoon zip-lining across Argentina. I can just see it. So no. A thousand times no. Let's keep them apart for their mamas' sanity!!

Becky said...

And then they would have the first baby born in space or something. EEK.
Whereas if Will and Adele married, we'd be invited over for book studies and afternoon tea. Now *that* match might be worth looking into. (Do "eldests" marry well?)

Jennifer said...

Love your sweater. =) I love the beach. Oh how I loooooooove the beach. Seriously if I didn't love TN so much...I'd live near the beach. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm following your blog now. =) I love being an East TN mama. =)